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The Princess Bride

In the stylish vacation units at Ahuzat HaNesiha (the princess’ estate) in the moshav of Mishmar HaYarden, you will have the perfect winter vacation with a private indoor heated swimming pool, a huge Jacuzzi for any kind of whether and a sitting area inside a glass structure where you can sit “outside”
by: Meirav Amitai Cohen   |   28.11.2011
Are you familiar with the expression "Buy Cheap, Pay Dear”? Quite a few couples who went on a vacation in a "pampering zimmer”, such that had inviting photos on the website and its price was especially affordable, came back later disappointed and tired. Why tired? Because that website forgot to mention that the warm wooden cabin is situated right next to the moshav’s chicken coop, whose punctual residents made sure to call out loud already at five O’clock in the morning. At Ahuzat HaNesiha which is located at the moshav of Mishmar HaYarden you will be waking each other, or maybe your children will, if you have chosen to include them in your vacation. This is due to the fact that Uriel Ohana, the owner of the beautiful complex of Ahuzat HaNesiha, has chosen to situate it in Mishmar HaYarden, a quiet moshav that does not work in agriculture, and thus to ensure that his guests will have the quite about which they were dreaming in the big city.

Suitable for all seasons of the year

The enchanted vacation at Ahuzat HaNesiha starts upon your arrival at the complex. There is no more need to fantasize about the estate of the Ewing Family from the 1980s American serial drama of "Dallas”, because here you are. Four suites, the luxurious interior design of which we will be discussing later, are leisurely arranged around a large pool that is surrounded with wooden decks and pebbles. In the courtyard there are shaded sitting areas which look over to an enchanted landscape (we are after all near the Jordan River, are we not?) and numerous ornamental trees and colorful blossoms.
"One of the main problems in regard to staying over night at zimmers is that most of them are not adapted to winter time”, Uriel Ohana tells us. "When I planned this place, this is exactly the issue that I tried to resolve, so that this complex will be well suited for all the seasons of the year”. And indeed, the indoor heated swimming pool is inviting in the winter as well and the huge Jacuzzi, in which seven people can sit comfortably, offers warm muscle relaxing currents in all kinds of weather. Next to the swimming pool there is a special glass structure inside which there is an inviting sitting area, a knights like long dining table which can fit fifteen hungry diners and a large plasma screen which allows one to stay updated even when far away from the busy daily life. All that the average vacationer needs, especially during the cool evening hours, sitting comfortably inside but feeling outside, enjoying the rain which washes over the impressively lit Ahuzat HaNesiha.

Bring your friends or coworkers

If you are impressed by the exterior design, you will be open mouthed astonished by the inside. With all suites at Ahuzat HaNesiha having their own unique design style, they are all filled with a romantic atmosphere. You should take into account the risk of going in as friends and leaving with a potential marriage proposal. Let’s start with the Safed style stone floor which is reminiscent of the city in which Uriel Ohana, the owner of Ahuzat HaNesiha, grew up and lives. One of the suites is furnished with whole wood furniture, mostly in Provence style light shades, a canopy bed and matching furniture and next to it a Jacuzzi that is equipped with head rests for maximal comfort, a Parisian style bathroom in black and white and a matching kitchenette. Another suite is furnished in a modern style, stunning in its own right. Uriel Ohana clarifies that three of the suites are suitable for couples and the fourth is suitable for families as it includes two separate rooms. In the middle of the week guests can come here and rent one of the suites but on weekends, all throughout the year, the Ahuzat HaNesiha complex is offered only to a group as a whole. One can come to Ahuzat HaNesiha as a big family, a group of friends who come here to celebrate or for a company event.
Breakfasts can be planned and prepared independently in the equipped kitchenettes. Alternatively, it is also possible to book in advance at a café in Rosh Pina with which Ahuzat HaNesiha has an arrangement. For special events and dinners it is also possible to arrange for a private chef. And if this is not enough and you need some muscle relaxing after your swim, the ATV drives and the treks that you might go on during your vacation here, you can also book a treatment in your suite by a professional masseur. Well, are you still here?

Ahuzat HaNesiha, Mishmar HaYarden, telephone: 972-50-2298785
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