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The Golan on ATVs (All-terrain vehicles)

On a green mountain range facing the Hula Valley, the Golan and Mount Hermon is the Ramot Naftali moshav, where one can find the “Forest and Golan ATVs” site, bringing man and powerful wild nature closer together through an Extreme sport experience
by: Israel Traveler
"The Forest and Golan ATVs" in Ramot-Naftaly in the Upper Galilee offers a wide variety of attractions, combining independent off-road driving with wonderful views, clean fragrant air and an intoxicating sense of freedom.
The activity is suitable for everyone, as the courses are rated according to various difficulty levels, from a one hour challenging one to a two days one which includes spending the night outside. The different courses go through the Naftaly Mountains, ancient Tel Kedesh, Dishon stream, Kadesh stream, Hula Valley, the Golan and Mount Hermon.
The site offers moonlight night courses, sunset courses and romantic courses, as well as courses suitable for children, and more. Beside the ATV courses this place also offers Jeep courses going by water sources and combining sleeping outside and a night safari, and ranger courses offering wonderful views or wine tasting at a close by winery.
Those wanting to make this experience even more special, can reserve rich and varied meals in the open. The meals take place in a beautiful place in nature, alongside a flowing stream or in a green grove. One can choose between gourmet meals, juicy meat grills, tasty rural dishes and more.
Fun day activities at the site include a variety of additional activities one can add to the ATV rides- wall climbing, omega, bicycle rides and kayaking, all in the heart of a beautiful landscape. The guided tours are, of course, done by professional guides, who offer the guests stops for drinking herbal tea with sweet cookies in winter and enjoying a cool refreshing watermelon in summer.

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