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The best observation points in Jerusalem

The Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the churches and the minarets from the city’s best observation points. Get your cameras ready
by: Israel Traveler   |   16.01.2012
Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful and special cities in the world. As such, it has quite a few breathtaking observation points. Here are a few recommended points from which you can view Jerusalem’s impressive splendor:

The Mount of Olives – the observation point from the Mount of Olives is one of the most famous in Jerusalem. From the Mount of Olives, which is located to the east of the Old City, there is a beautiful lookout to the west, toward the old and the new city, while between the mountain and the city passes the Kidron stream that divides the two. Perhaps this is why the summit of the Mount of Olives (815 meters) served as the inspiration for so many of the city’s painters throughout history. Free entrance.

The bell tower of the Augusta Victoria church on the Mount Scopus - The highest place from which you can view the city. From the top of the bell tower (you can climb it by elevator) are seen the magnificent views of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Mount of Olives, the Judean Desert, the Herodium, the Dead Sea and Bethlehem. Symbolic entrance fee.

Aish HaTorah Center – from the roof of the Aish HaTorah Center in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem you can enjoy a wide panoramic view of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, the Mount of Olives, the Christian Quarter and the Muslim Quarter and the excavations in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park. On the roof of the building of the Aish HaTorah Center there is also a model of the Jewish Temple. Symbolic entrance fee.

The Austrian Hospice on the Via Dolorosa – from the roof of the Austrian Hospice are seen the charming views of the Old City of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, as well as those of the houses of the new city. Beautiful views of the churches, the Tower of David, the Mount of Olives, the mosques’ minarets, the Jaffa Gate and the Old City Walls’ Ramparts Walk. Free entrance.

The YMCA bell tower – at the top of the YMCA building, which was inaugurated in 1933, there is a bell tower (you can climb it by elevator) from which there is a wonderful observation point over the whole City of Jerusalem- of the Old City to the east, the Mount of Olives and the new city and its buildings. Symbolic entrance fee.

The Tower of David – the observation point from the citadel towers of the Tower of David offers a magnificent view that includes Jerusalem’s old and new city, the Old City’s Quarters, the new city of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, Mount Scopus and the Judean Desert. Entrance fee.

Mishkenot Sha’ananim and Yemin Moshe – from next to the Montefiore Windmill and Chariot are seen the beautiful views of Mount Zion and the Dormition church tower, Gai Ben-Hinnom, the Turkish Walls and the Tower of David mosque minaret. Free entrance.

Armon HaNatziv Promenade - Armon HaNatziv Promenade, which is located in the south-eastern area of Jerusalem, stretches over the clear borderline with the Judean Desert and offers the beautiful views of the Mount of Olives, the Temple Mount and the Old City, the Old City’s Walls, the city’s eastern neighborhoods and even the Dead Sea. Free entrance.

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