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The Hacienda Forest View Hotel

For those who dream of a vacation in a Spanish style, for those who want to enjoy a spa hotel but not in the expense of the family vacation, as well as for those who just want a good pampering
by: Israel Traveler   |   28.08.2011

As Israelis, one of our favorite pass times is to tour the country and fantasize about actually being in other places around the world. Thus, it is only natural that while spending time at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel the word "Spain” repeats again and again, first and foremost because of the hotel’s location. The Hacienda Forest View Hotel is located on a mountain slope in the Western Galilee region, inside a natural green grove that spreads over about 70 dunams. The beautiful landscape, the feeling of being inside nature and the rural character of the Hacienda Forest View Hotel take one immediately to a place of tranquility and put a relaxed smile on one’s face. Now, add to all of these the wonderful service, the pampering and food that are lavishly offered to the guests at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel and there you have a vacation abroad. Did we already say Spain?
When walking around at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel, it is hard to believe that this hotel, that is built in the style of an old European estate, was in its past a rather gray convalescence home. The Hacienda Forest View Hotel complex includes a main structure that features public spaces, and the rooms are located within smaller structures, and between them wind paths among the thick forest vegetation and the lawns. The entrance to the lobby of the Hacienda Forest View Hotel is a wide, spacious and well-lit plaza that features Spanish elements such as elegant metal work, bare stone walls and a wood fire place that keeps one warm in the cold winter evenings and provides a romantic atmosphere.
The Hacienda Forest View Hotel includes more than 140 rooms of various levels and this is the only spa hotel in the country that is suitable for families as well. But because the Hacienda Forest View Hotel spreads over great spaces, one does not get a feeling of a crowded vacation village here and the privacy and the quiet are maintained at all times. The Hacienda Forest View Hotel also includes standard rooms that are suitable for couples or for families and garden rooms that face a private, intimate and furnished garden and some of them also have a large Jacuzzi. The romantic spa rooms are aimed at couples only and they face the views of the natural green grove. Inside these rooms there is a large Jacuzzi available and they are situated above the large and luxurious spa center of the Hacienda Forest View Hotel. Guests who are looking for an especially romantic visit can stay in one of the two luxurious suites that are available at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel. The suites are different from one another but are similar in the attention that was given to their design, which combines rural Spanish elements with modern convenience. One of these suites is situated within a kind of a secluded area that is made of wood and it has a hanging covered balcony with a Jacuzzi in its middle, next to an intimate sitting area. The suites include two shower rooms and toilets and they are furnished with elegant wood furniture.

Good food and plenty of indulgences

One of the fun things at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel is the feeling that everything is given to you as its guest with generosity. As the important thing is that you will enjoy your stay as you should. In the garden room, for example, await you pleasant surprises such as homemade labane jars that are accompanied with olives and toasted bread, as well as pralines from the Galita Chocolate Farm so that you will have something sweet to snack on as well. In the shower you will enjoy a variety of care products which are also given generously to the guests of the Hacienda Forest View Hotel, and outside of the shower you can enjoy the pampering bath robe and slippers that are also provided by the hotel.
And if we speak of indulgences, one should dedicate a few heart felt words to the food at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel. The breakfast that is served at the restaurant of the Hacienda Forest View Hotel is especially rich and the dinners are a celebration in themselves. Each evening you will be able to enjoy a meal in a different style, such as the fun Asado nights that take place in the summer at the garden and offer a wide and especially tasty variety of delicacies.
And what else does the Hacienda Forest View Hotel include? At the spa of the Hacienda Forest View Hotel that faces the grove and the landscape of the Galilee region one can find designed treatment rooms, a well-equipped gym, the wet section which includes a Turkish Hamam and a large Jacuzzi, various kinds of baths for feet treatments as well as a Finnish sauna that is made of wood. At the Hacienda Forest View Hotel the guests can choose between a variety of activities, such as mini-golf, a huge outdoor chess board, bicycle riding, or just a leisurely lie down in the hammock that is hanging in the garden, in front of nature. In short, a vacation, and that is exactly what one gets at the Hacienda Forest View Hotel.

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