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A culinary celebration in Nahalal

Moshav Nahalal celebrates 90 years of existence and this is already an excuse for a tour around the moshav and for sitting at the Octagon restaurant which is located right in the midst of the agricultural fields of the moshav
by: Israel Traveler   |   04.09.2011
Moshav Nahalal, which is situated in the Jezreel Valley, was the first workers’ moshav in Israel. The pioneers of moshav Nahalal have arrived here in the year of 1921 and their permanent houses were settled in 1933 by the people of the Second and Third Aliyah (the large immigration waves into the Land of Israel). Here lived and grew important well-known people such as Moshe Dayan, Yehonatan Gaffen, Meir Shalev and even Hanna Szenes, who lived here for a short while. A short tour of moshav Nahalal reveals sites such as the white water tower, the beautiful monument of Mordechai Kafri for the fallen in the military campaigns of Israel and the secret Slik (weapons cache from the time of the British Mandate in this country in the days before the founding of the State of Israel) at the Avidov farm (a visit to the farm must be arranged in advance).
But if you feel like celebrating right you are invited to the Octagon restaurant which is located in the midst of the fields of moshav Nahalal. Octagon, one of the best restaurants in the north of Israel, is housed inside a wooden structure in the shape of an octagonal which was imported from South Africa. The fun thing about this place is the warm country style atmosphere that it gives. The Octagon restaurant is located on a vast lawn within the agricultural fields of moshav Nahalal, which you can see outside the restaurant’s large windows, or when sitting on the lovely balcony which looks over to all of this deep green.
The Octagon restaurant is spacious and pleasant and it is decorated in a simple country style which is free of too much ornamentation. The furniture at the Octagon restaurant is made out of wood and the walls are covered with wood as well, a design which integrates well into this place’s general calm atmosphere, which the guests of the restaurant will be stating to feel immediately upon entering the place.
Octagon restaurant, which was founded more than a decade ago, offers country style dishes and specializes in meats, fish and seafood. The restaurant’s chef has created a menu which connects between the restaurant and the farmers and produce growers of the Jezreel Valley and its surrounding so that most of the raw materials which go into the dishes on menu originate in the Jezreel Valley- vegetables, herbs, spices, olive oil, cheeses, ducks, honey and wines. While the guests at the Octagon restaurant make themselves comfortable here on the balcony which looks over to the agricultural landscape of the Jezreel Valley, they can enjoy delicacies such as an Irish meat casserole, a beef and root vegetables casserole in root beer on a layer of rice or shrimp and calamari sautéed in a pan with cream, butter, garlic and parsley.
One of the big advantages of the Octagon restaurant is that it is also very much children friendly. Beside the special dishes for children that are offered here by the Octagon restaurant, which the children will certainly want to eat, the children here can also go outside and play on the lawn or in the nearby playground, while always remaining within a seeing distance.
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