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Horse back riding in the Galilee

Nature horse back riding tours in the Galilee and Golan with Vered HaGalil Horse Farm
by: Israel Traveler   |   30.10.2011
There are many ways to experience the open spaces of the Galilee and Golan and it seems that horse back riding offers one of the more special ones. A lot has been said about the special connection between a man and a horse and about riding this noble beast, which gives the rider a special feeling and a connection with nature from a different point of view. And indeed, there is something different about the experience of riding in nature. Somehow even familiar views seem different when seen from on top of the back of a horse, when one’s view point is higher. Today more and more people go out and experience horse back riding tours- couples who look for a romantic experience to strengthen their relationships, people on their own who want to merge with nature in a perfect way, parents who look for a fun experience with their children, workers' committees that look for a unifying and refreshing experience for employees who are closed up in offices, and more.
The views are certainly an important criterion when choosing the horse farm with which one goes on a horse back riding tour, but the commitment to safety and the level of experience of the guides on the tour is an important criterion as well. Vered HaGalil Horse Farm, one of the first stables in Israel behind which there is a long tradition of horse back riding tours, answers these two criterions. The farm, which is located in the heart of the Galilee, between Tiberias and Rosh Pina, employs certified and professional guides who lead the horse back riding tours in a variety of trails that look over to the views of the Ginosar Valley, the Sea of Galilee and the mountains of the Golan. You can be sure that the same friendly attitude given to you by the guides is given to the horses as well, as is well apparent from the horses’ excellent and healthy appearance.
Vered HaGalil Horse Farm offers various types of tours that are suitable for different levels and capabilities. Occasional riders with no or little experience can go on tours which usually last an hour or two. The short tours, we are promised, are done in a slow and calm pace and without galloping. The experienced and more adventurous riders can go on a long riding tour that is called "the Bonanza tour”. These tours include trails that go toward the Sea of Galilee or to the Canaan and Meron Mountains and tours that go along the Jordan River and up to the Golan. One can choose between day tours, moonlight tours and even two to four days tours.
Those who want to are also invited to combine the visit to the Vered HaGalil Horse Farm with an excellent meal at Vered HaGalil’s Restaurant and an overnight stay at Vered HaGalil’s attractive vacation units, which are located among orchards and hidden paths in a landscape that is dotted with black basalt rocks, when down below the Sea of Galilee glistens in blue. At Vered HaGalil Horse Farm there is also a riding school which has been active in this area for over twenty years now and enjoys the reputation of being highly professional. Young children enjoy very much riding on the gentle ponies, Milky and Mocha. The older children can enjoy a short horseback ride of up to 10 minutes on a large horse. From the age of eight and above one can join professional horseback riding lessons.

Please note:

-The activity hours at the stables of Vered HaGalil Horse Farm are from 7:30 in the morning and until one hour before sunset. In the afternoons the stable’s staff and the horses take a break that lasts differently based on the weather.
-Tours for couples or groups of up to 15 people last half an hour to an hour. Participation is permitted from   the age of 10 and up.
-Pony riding is permitted from the age of 3 and up to the age of 8 (5-10 minutes).
-Riding lessons are permitted from the age of 8 and up (half an hour to an hour).
-For additional information please call: 972-4-6935785.
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