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Are you tired of the noise, mess and commotion at the beaches? Here are five especially quiet, relaxed and beautiful beaches, which will remind you that a time at the beach can also be a time spent in nature
by: Israel Traveler   |   24.07.2011

Betzet Beach

Betzet Beach is the most northern beach in Israel and it is considered to be one of its most beautiful. In this wild strip of coastline, that is situated south of Rosh HaNikra, one can find rich and varied coastal flora, an important eggs laying site of sea turtles and the special atmosphere of a remote nature site. In this small bathing beach lifeguard services are provided during the bathing season and there is a pub-restaurant and a shaded area.


Achziv is situated in the Western Galilee region between Nahariya and Rosh HaNikra, along the Northern coast of Israel. In the Bible, Achziv is mentioned as one of the cities of the Tribe of Asher, one of the Tribes of Israel. It served as an ancient port around which a settlement grew. This coastal strip is an enchanting and fascinating Nature Reserve, along which there are lagoons and natural seawater pools. In front of the coast there are small islands which are a Nature Reserve as well. Achziv National Park combines a rocky coastline that is full of bays, lagoons, natural and artificial seawater pools- one deep and the other shallow and suitable for children, archeological remnants of an ancient settlement and vast lawns. Due to the clear and transparent water, one can easily see the water lilies, sea urchins and small octopuses, hiding beneath the stones. In summertime one can spend the night in this Natural Park sleeping under the sky.

Giv’at HaAliyah Beach

Giv’at HaAliyah Beach is Tel Aviv’s most southern beach and it is situated below the Ajami neighborhood of Jaffa and touches on the border with the city of Bat Yam. This is a wide beach strip which is completely different from the other beaches of Tel Aviv. It is not too busy and is quite pleasant. As there are no hotels here there are not many tourists here either. Giv’at HaAliyah Beach features stone arches in the Jaffa style, palm trees and limestone rocks. The entrance to the Giv’at HaAliyah Beach is free of charge and parking space is abundant and free as well! A rare thing in Tel Aviv. There are steps here which lead from the parking area to the beach. The Giv’at HaAliyah Beach offers checkers, backgammon and chess tables, fitness facilities, table tennis and a volleyball area.

The Neve Yam Beach

It is understandable that whoever knows the Neve Yam Beach, to the south-west of the coastal town of Atlit, comes back to it again and again. It is true that from afar it looks just like another regular beach, but when one gets closer and enters it, the picture changes. This beautiful beach offers a chance for seclusion at this big round bay which characterizes it, together with numerous opportunities for a leisurely walk on the pleasant sand (one can even get from here to the beautiful HaBonim Beach, which is situated to its south). It is recommended to start the visit here with a thorough investigation of the peninsula shaped part of the beach to its north. In order to get there, you will need to cross a narrow inlet, with surprisingly clear turquoise colored water. From here you should climb up a little to the rock, find a place to sit next to (or inside) one of the tiny pools on it, and give yourself up to the blue seascape which will appear in front of you in all of its magnificence.

Nitsanim Beach

Apparently this is a very worthwhile piece of land, as especially real-estate sharks and other commercial entrepreneurs try to take a bite out of it again and again. This is Nitsanim Beach- a fairly invested in, well-kept and large sandy strip. This beach offers, among other things, a camping area, shades and amusement facilities for children. Similarly to other worthwhile beaches, next to Nitsanim Beach passes a lovely trail, among the curves of the great Nitsanim Dunes Nature Reserve, which features huge dunes, peaceful orchards, old palm trees, massive ficus trees and even a surprisingly large and pastoral water pool that hides to the north of the entrance to the beach. The beach itself is a declared beach and it offers lifeguard services during the bathing season.

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