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Yehuda Eyali, the owner of the zimmers (vacation cabins) complex “Sadot Yerukim” (green fields) in moshav Beit She'arim, tells us about his way from the dairy barn to the confitures and the accommodation field
by: Meirav Amitai Cohen   |   03.10.2011
It all started when Yehuda Eyali, a real dairy farmer, as he says, was made to leave the dairy business due to health issues. One can rest for a day or two and consider his options but when one wakes up in the morning in order to feed the cows only to find that they are not there, one needs to think ahead. After a dreary period of searching for the next thing to do with his life, Yehuda Eyali decided to go back to the hobby which has accompanied him since the age of 12, making homemade confitures. Together with his wife, Vered, they founded a business called "Eyali- Village delicacies” and were happy for a while, but it was not enough.
"We thought about what we can live on and what we can do best and found that we really like to host and that we do it well”, Yehuda smiles.
But bureaucracy, as bureaucracy usually does, may delay a plan. For four yeas to be exact. The couple wanted to build 4 cabin vacation units but between their request and receiving the anticipated permit from the Israel Land Administration a long and tedious period of time has passed.
"When the authorization came as a present for my birthday, I was so happy that I carried it with me for a week and showed everyone”. After a year of construction supervised carefully by Eyali, he felt that he has achieved what he wanted to when his cabins in Beit She'arim, which is in the Jezreel Valley, were ready.

A pastoral view of green fields

Today, guests arrive here from all around the country in order to enjoy this charming place which overlooks a pastoral landscape of green fields, as befitting this place’s name, where in one look one can take in Nahalal, Timrat and all of the colors of the Jezreel Valley within which moshav Beit She'arim is located.
The four vacation units of "Sadot Yerukim” (green fields), which are named in very appropriate names- Nir (meadow), Asif (harvest), Bar (grain) and Aluma (sheaf), are well-equipped with a Jacuzzi, DVD and cable TV. They are all of the same size and can accommodate one person, couples and up to families of five. Each vacation unit has a well-kept garden that is also well-lit in the evenings, where the children can play. In the vacation units’ covered balconies one can sip a hot afternoon tea in winter days or a cool beer in the summer and enjoy the impressive sunset while being protected from the elements. In the evenings one does not need to go searching for a restaurant as there is an inviting BBQ facility in the courtyard and breakfasts are well taken care of.
One of the pampering experiences provided by "Sadot Yerukim” is the breakfast that is served in a pleasant and quiet dining room where all the guests dine together, Eyali explains. This breakfast, made by the Eyali couple, is influenced by the Hungarian-Czech kitchen with which Vered grew up and provides the guests with the place’s boutique delicacies- citrus confitures from the orchard in the courtyard, olives and oil from the private grove and other fresh delicacies. Toward the holidays fruit liqueurs are offered here as well, such as limoncello and etrogcello, quality honey from wild flowers, eucalyptus and avocado flowers and sugar free confitures which one can also purchase here as gifts or tasty souvenirs from the night that you spent in front of the green valley’s landscape.

Accommodation prices including breakfast:
For couples in the middle of the week- 600 NIS
For couples on weekends- 700 NIS
Additional payment for each child above the age of two- 120 NIS
For reservations: 052-5440109, 052-5440159
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