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Thermo-mineral baths, a large spa, a crocodile farm and even an archeological site which attest to the fact that it has always been fun here
by: Israel Traveler   |   27.03.2011
Let’s say that an all-senses experience is not a good definition for this place. If truth be told, it is even recommended to neutralize somehow one’s sense of smell. The rest of the senses will not do badly here at all. Hamat-Gader is a baths, spa and vacation site at the South of the Sea of Galilee. Beyond the especially odorous thermo-mineral baths this place is known for, this place offers an archeological site, an especially luxurious spa and a crocodile farm, which over time is growing to be one big zoo featuring an abundance of animals and attractions.

But let us start with the first reason for coming to this place. There are five thermo-mineral sulfur springs gushing from the ground in this site. The hottest of them runs into a big pool of 42 C, so that in cold winter days it is great fun to go into the water and feel just like being inside a huge hot tub. And one receives here not only warmth, but also great treats, such as the water jets that massage the back and the neck, a bubble pool which tickles one pleasantly all over the body and the great waterfalls for general relaxation. The water’s attributes are numerous as well, thus it is worth while to enter it for the wealth of minerals it contains said to contribute to accelerated metabolism, cell renewal, lowering of blood pressure, relief of joint pains and many more medicinal miracles.
Whoever wants to supplement the pampering experience can of course enter the big spa complex in this place which offers an abundance of treatments and massages. One can also tour this beautiful site and visit the archeological ruins which tell of this site’s long history. Among the ruins found here are those of the main street of the Hellenistic city of "Gader” and the ruins of the elaborate Roman period baths, which were decorated with statues, marble walls and fountains. The site attracted many visitors which stayed at its guest houses. Thus one can also find here the remains of religious structures and even a Roman theater from the third century.

The main attraction for kids in this site is of course the Hamat Gader crocodile farm which includes about 200 crocodiles from different species. But beside these ancient reptiles, one can also find here a small zoo containing various animals and attractions, such as baboons, meerkats, a huge 8 meters long female snake, trained parrots shows, and a petting corner, which is a must.
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