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In the Upper Galilee and the Golan, Israel’s most wonderful natural phenomena and unique historic places are open for truly everybody... Six stunning nature sites
Which museums you should not miss out on when in Israel The best museums in Israel
The Old City of Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the churches and the minarets from the city’s best observation points. Get your cameras... The best observation points in Jerusalem
As a country that has such a long and fascinating history, Israel offers countless archeological sites which tell the story of life... The most recommended archeological sites in Israel
A few recommendations for the best market scenes in Israel Israel’s best markets
The grottos of Rosh HaNikra, the reef in Shikmona Nature Reserve, the small bays of Dor Beach. Here are a few recommendations for trips... Best trips along the Coast
As a country that is sacred to the Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Bahai religions, Israel is full of fascinating sacred sites. We have... The important sacred sites in Israel
Where should you get your suntan when in Tel Aviv The five fun beaches of Tel Aviv
There are only a few sites which raise one’s curiosity and excite the imagination as Masada does. Masada, a World Heritage Site, offers... Masada – the mountain and the myth
Set aside half a day, as the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem will provide you with surprising and thought-provoking experiences:... The Museum for Islamic Art
It was a small village which became a capital city, it has spread and shrunk, but it has maintained an image of richness which stayed... All hail Caesarea
Tourist buses, the Jerusalem Light Rail, subway and a few other transportation solutions which will allow you to see Israel without... Touristic transport lines
If you have not yet been to the renewed Israel Museum, the summer vacation is exactly the time to do so. Just remember to set aside... The renewed Israel Museum
The Yad VaShem Museum in Jerusalem strongly and penetratingly displays the history of the Holocaust and its horrors as well as the... The Yad VaShem Museum
The new wing of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which was inaugurated recently, has become “the talk of the town” and not without a good... A wing with a point
To sit in one of the cafes in the Valley of the Cross (Emek HaMatzlevah) area or Mamilla and look at the Tower of David, the symbol... Tower of David
For those of you who plan to be in Israel for the Israeli Opera Festival at Masada, which will takes place in June 2012, here are a... With Carmen at the Dead Sea
After the Flea Market and Jaffa Port have proven that Jaffa has a lot to offer and that it can provide an entertainment scene with... The renewal of Old Jaffa
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Beit She'an perhaps does not connect in one’s mind with the capital of the boot-shaped country, but its impressive archeological site... Rome of the Valley
The Baha’i Gardens in Haifa were chosen for the first place in the Seven Wonders of Israel Competition The Israeli Wonder
The busy Jaffa fishermen’s port has always served as an attraction to fish lovers, but recently it has become an attraction center... Art at the fishermen’s port
One of Tel Aviv’s most prominent museums is the Diaspora Museum, or “Beit Hatfutsot”, telling the extraordinary story of the Jewish... The Diaspora Museum
The Jerusalem Festival of Light, which will be held this year for the third time, presents Jerusalem to you in a new and festive light... The Jerusalem Festival of Light
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