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A pampering, relaxing and laid back time at the relaxation pools of the Dolphin Reef A romantic gateway in Eilat
The Beresheet (Genesis) Hotel is a luxurious hotel which is situated on the edge of the Ramon Crater and provides its guests with a... The Beresheet Hotel
The mud plaster huts of the "Desert Days" complex in the communal settlement of Tzukim, which is located in the Arava region, are not... Desert Days
Thermo-mineral baths, a large spa, a crocodile farm and even an archeological site which attest to the fact that it has always been... Hot stuff
Are you tired of the noise, mess and commotion at the beaches? Here are five especially quiet, relaxed and beautiful beaches, which... Relaxed beaches
Yehuda Eyali, the owner of the zimmers (vacation cabins) complex “Sadot Yerukim” (green fields) in moshav Beit She'arim, tells us about... Views, sunsets and etrogcello
In the stylish vacation units at Ahuzat HaNesiha (the princess’ estate) in the moshav of Mishmar HaYarden, you will have the perfect... The Princess Bride
Kfar Maccabiah spreads over 20 acres of vast and peaceful green lawns in the vicinity of Tel Aviv and offers its guests an experience... Where business and pleasure meet
The designed suites at Artchuck which is in Kfar Vradim offer not only a pampering luxurious vacation but also an impressive aesthetic... The dream house in Kfar Vradim
The Herods Vitalis Hotel is the winning formula for those who want to enjoy Eilat without the characteristic Israeli frenzy but with... When Herod does massage
For those who dream of a vacation in a Spanish style, for those who want to enjoy a spa hotel but not in the expense of the family... The Hacienda Forest View Hotel
It does good to the skin, the heart, the blood circulation, allergies, and a lot of good to the soul. What makes the Dead Sea such... The world's largest natural spa
How would you feel about making a mental u turn in the morning, and instead of getting ready for work actually getting into your car... Hadarim Spa
Amirey Hagalil Spa Hotel is a peaceful and delightful place, looking over the blue water of the Sea of Galilee and the beautiful Golan... A different level of pampering
The fish nibble at your feet and you cannot stop laughing. The fish spa trend has now spread all over the country, and it even arrived... The funniest spa in the world
To say goodbye to the world for a few hours in the luxurious guest suites at the DUO spa treatment complex in Tel Aviv DUO spa
In a quiet street in Tel Aviv is a charming picturesque villa, allowing a pleasurable escape from daily life. Villa Spa is the first... An intimate getaway in Tel Aviv
At the heart of a picturesque neighborhood is the Paz Spa (meaning: gold), the first Villa Spa in Jerusalem, offering a variety of... A golden day
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