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The kibbutzes guest houses, some of which started their existence out of the need to fill structures and houses that remained abandoned... Weekend Kibbutzniks
For those of you who do not relate to the big “hoo-ha” that takes place at the large hotels’ swimming pools and prefer to avoid a zimmer... Lodging in Monasteries and Convents
How did one tangle haired goat reveal a treasure of knowledge? Who were the members of the mysterious sect who settled at the end of...
There are a few sites in Israel that are sacred to several different religions. Qasr el Yahud is one of them, and with the renovation... Qasr el Yahud
Railway enthusiasts, or those who are looking for another attraction for children - several tracks around the country also reachable... Travelling by train
The long way to Eilat by car, on the Arava Road, might be tedious and monotonous. But those of you who want to enjoy the way as well... Attractions on the Way to Eilat
The Jerusalemite rural neighborhood of Ein Kerem offers a leisurely tour that is full of charm and atmosphere among churches, monasteries... A Tour of Ein Kerem
Even though it is true that we as Israeli Jews have enough holidays of our own, still, to take a momentary peek at other people’s holidays... An Israeli Christmas
A magnificent cacti garden, an abundance of plants from all around the world, a great baobab tree with a wide trunk and even plants... The Botanical Garden at Ein Gedi
For those who have always dreamed of being caretakers in a Safari- this is your chance. The fascinating morning tour along the feeding... Serving breakfast to a chimpanzee
Following Naomi Shemer, dates and pilgrimage. Suggestions for attractions in Kibbutz Kinnere A day at Kibbutz Kinneret
Dona Gracia, after whom both a hotel and a museum are named in the city of Tiberias, was a sort of patron of the city, who truly believed... Girl Power in Tiberias
The Biblical Zoo is a charming and fascinating place. There is a reason for its being considered one of the most popular places to... A Visit to the Biblical Zoo
We went out to get a bit more familiar from up close with the Druze and came back intoxicated by the views and smarter with a few important... With the Druze in the Carmel
It was a city, it was a state, but nature has always ruled Akhziv The Blue Lagoon
To look at the country at eye level and get to know it anew at Mini Israel When a small country becomes miniature
A trip to the pools, archeological site and hidden nature reserve in Einot Tzukim (Ein Feshkha) A day in an oasis
Next to the busy Eilat Street in Tel Aviv is found a quiet and beautiful enclave with a fascinating story, charming houses and a surprising... A visit to the American Colony in Jaffa
Do you want to be a part of the wonderful experience called the Olympic Games? Now you do not have to wait for the next Olympic Games.... The Olympic Experience – Now in Tel Aviv
The Ticho House at the center of Jerusalem offers an enjoyable cultural experience combining Israeli Art, a restaurant, a caf? and... Jerusalemite culture
An elevator which will take you down to the beach, bicycle that you can rent in the middle of the street, a free bus service to the... Making your life easy
You woke up in the morning to the sounds of car engines and kids screaming and you decided that you must, really must take the family... Tales of a Tree
In a historical building in the beautiful Neve Tzedek neighborhood of Tel Aviv is the Nachum Gutman Museum, presenting the prolific... Tel Aviv on canvas
The Caesarea Golf Club, is a prestigious, elegant club in which one can have business meetings, enjoy the open spaces and especially... Caesarea Golf Club
From the Knights’ Halls to the Turkish Hamam. Visiting historical places in Old Acre A day trip to Acre (Akko)
Among the picturesque alleys of old Jaffa is the Ilana Goor Museum, a beautiful building facing a striking view of blue sea and paved... Ikea and Giacometti at Ilana Goor’s
Ashkelon is indeed famous for its Philistine past, but it reached its height actually in the Roman period. Ashkelon National Park and... Ashkelon in an Ancient Atmosphere
A lookout, a cafe, a volcanic past, a military post of the Israel Defense Forces, a Sculpture Garden and much more, on Mount Bental... A mountain of attractions
Between the old houses of the Templer Colony at the foot of the Baha’i Gardens A tour of the German Colony in Haifa
Among the stalagmites, stalactites, cave corals and other magnificent formations created by nature at the Stalactites Cave When the rain sculptures in stone
Among well-kept and flowering garden paths and walking paths at the beautiful Nature Park in the South of the Carmel dedicated to the... A trip to Ramat HaNadiv
An especially juicy and enjoyable “self-picking” experience in the Golan Heights Farmers for one day
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