Chez Eugene Restaurant Mitzpe Ramon

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Chez Eugene Restaurant Mitzpe Ramon
Chez Eugene Restaurant Restaurants

In Mitzpe Ramon, where the desert touches on the huge crater, a boutique hotel was founded which includes a prestigious French restaurant. The Chez Eugene Bistro is run by the young and promising chef, Shahar Dabbah, who has acquired his excellent culinary knowledge in an elite restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark and in the best restaurants of Tel Aviv (such as Messa and Sheila). Dabbah creates a personal statement that is composed out of dishes that are influenced by Israeli cuisine with a personal modern touch which connects with the Mediterranean cuisine. He uses only the freshest materials – vegetables, cheeses, olive oil and wines that are produced locally in the Negev area specifically and in Israel in general. Chef Dabbah combines in his work molecular gastronomy and cooking in a vacuum.

On the Chez Eugene’s menu you will find creative dishes of delicate and strong flavors which combine in harmony, such as a merguez sausage with a scoop of mustard ice cream or lamb ribs on a sweet potato cream with red wine and date honey, and there are also excellent Italian cuisine pasta dishes. Among the recommended dishes there are such as: poached egg on polenta with a touch of black truffle, and seared barramundi fillet with cauliflower cream and portobello. For dessert, do not miss out on the chef’s dessert plate. As to wines, Chez Eugene offers a choice selection of wines that are produced especially for the restaurant and come from the owner’s winery which is in moshav Dalton, and you can also try the "Negev” boutique beer. Chez Eugene is beautifully designed and offers a comfortable and pleasant dining atmosphere. It is surprising to find in such a remote and enchanted location in the country such an excellent restaurant that is on the same level with the leading restaurants of Tel Aviv.

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Address: 8 Har Ardon St. ,Mitzpe Ramon
Phone: +(972) 8-6539595
Fax: +(972) 8-6539596
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