Dr. Dabour laboratories - the secrets of the Galilean plants Beit Jann

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Dr. Dabour laboratories - the secrets of the Galilean plants Beit Jann
Dr. Dabour laboratories - the secrets of the Galilean plants Attractions
In the Druze village Beit Jann, in the heart of the charming Mount Meron Nature Reserve, where your lungs fill up with pleasure with the wonderful, clean air and the senses awake in front of the wild landscape of the Galilee, are located Dr. Dabour’s laboratories. Recently founded, they combine innovative and modern equipment with vast knowledge on the subjects of natural products. For those who arrive for a tour of the visitor center or for purchasing the quality products, awaits a unique experience. At the entrance to the elegant Dr. Dabour’s visitor center there is a flowering garden of medicinal herbs that is decorated with stone and wood and surrounded by a relaxed atmosphere.

Dr. Dabour, who founded this place, has a Ph.D degree from the Technion, lectures on clinical pharmacology, biochemistry and medicinal herbs and is a former IDF Chief Pharmacist. Dr. Dabour managed to combine between his love for the place in which he grew up that is rich in wonderful medicinal herbs, traditional knowledge that he has accumulated in the area and 21st century modern technology and physiology of skin and hair. At the entrance to the visitor center the visitors can look through a window at the modern sparkling machinery that produce these cosmetic products, which use aromatic flower water, pure organic oils and natural fragrance essences. Visitors can book in advance guided tours and various lectures on different subjects, such as dealing which skin aging, the surprising field of medicinal herbs and local traditional stories on these subjects. Dr. Dabour’s visitor center is open to individuals, groups, companies, teambuilding days and special events such as professional conferences, elegant launches and more. So if you feel that you know the Galilee area well, here is another hidden gem that you should get to know.
Dr. Dabour laboratories - the secrets of the Galilean plants More Details
Address: Beit Jann 24990
Phone: +(972) 4-9803711
Email: tarek@drdabour.com
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