Ida's Restaurant Nahariya

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Ida's Restaurant Nahariya
Ida's Restaurant Restaurants

In a beautifully historic building once belonging to Gershon Tatz, former mayor of Nahariya, on the bank of the Ga'aton River, sits a high quality and romantic restaurant named for Ida Tatz, the mayor's wife.  The restaurant specializes in high class meats, fish and seafood, all with a classy Mediterranean flair.  The interior is meticulously decorated with gentle warm colors, elegant furniture and an intimate bar.  Ida's Restaurant took part in the popular Israeli Television Show Knife Wars: Restaurant Championship and finished in an honorable second place.  Don't miss the juicy lamb ribs in lemon butter, the pickled sirloin carpaccio, the crab meat with ginger and root vegetables or the velvety seafood risotto.  Ida's Restaurant is perfect for a romantic night out or a festive meal with friends.

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Address: 48 HaGa'aton Blvd St. ,Nahariya
Phone: +(972) 4-9513444
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