Bikta Restaurant at Mitzpe Hashalom Mitzpe Hashalom

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Bikta Restaurant at Mitzpe Hashalom Mitzpe Hashalom
Bikta Restaurant at Mitzpe Hashalom Restaurants
At Mitzpe Shalom in the magnificent southern Golan Heights, at the edge of a basalt precipice overlooking a breathtaking panoramic landscape of the Sea of Galilee, Mount Hermon, the Galilee mountains, the peak of Mount Tavor and the fields of the Jordan Valley, lies the Bikta ("Hut”) Restaurant, a Kosher meat restaurant that specializes in smoking and aging choice cuts of meat. Bikta’s abundant menu is based on a selection of savory meat entrees, such as aged entrecote, sirloin, breast of veal and more. Their unique dishes of beef, lamb and young chickens are served in individual pots, and the menu offers a host of delicacies. An extravagant salad bar is offered free of charge to accompany any entrée you order.

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Address: Mitzpe Hashalom
Phone: +(972) 4-6761637
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