Zman Halom (dream time) moshav Amirim

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Zman Halom (dream time)  moshav Amirim
Zman Halom (dream time) Spa
Imagine the following scene: a high secluded place, at the edge of the Galilean moshav Amirim. You finish an intoxicating massage, your body and mind are clear of any burden. You wrap yourself in a pampering robe and sit down comfortably on a couch on a spacious terrace with a glass of good wine in front of the surrounding Galilean landscape which lightens your heart and lifts your spirit.
This is only one moment out of the many enchanted moments which await you at Amirim’s "Spa Halom” (dream spa), a place which seems to exist only for you and your complete surrender - to pleasure and the good life.
"Spa Halom” is a private spa which offers you through the package that you have chosen and throughout your stay, a unique spa experience that includes a Turkish Hamam, a variety of quality spa treatments that are given by experienced professionals, pampering facial and body treatments, beauty treatments, and in order to complete the picture - dairy health meals. In other words: a perfect experience, such that creates a sweet memory.
The spa complex is surrounded by a green grove - which only intensifies the wonderful feeling of seclusion. Everything here is authentic and romantic and attention is given to every detail. And of course tranquility and privacy hold a very important role in this realm of pleasure.
So what actually awaits you here? Allowing you to feel right in the heart of nature, a large and advanced jacuzzi with 120 water and air jets stands right next to a huge window which overlooks the pastoral view. Naturally, there is also a Finish sauna here made of Finish pine. Just sit on the wood benches and enjoy the enchanted forest which is seen through the window. There is nothing more cleansing and purifying than that…
And there is also an authentic Turkish Hamam here, which makes you feel like you have travelled to different times. Lie down on the natural stone treatment bed and surrender to natural sponge gourds with which you will be scrubbed from head to toe.
And after you are done (or even before) - you will find here a relaxation area which offers light refreshment and of course the above mentioned terrace which offers a panoramic view of the landscape and private tanning beds. Did we already say - complete surrender?
And if you would like to continue with this experience - this place includes romantic pampering rooms, complete with gourmet meals which arrive straight to your room.
Zman Halom (dream time) More Details
Address: moshav Amirim
Phone: +(972) 50-4662642
Fax: +(972) 4-6990459
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