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Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
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Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Attractions in Tel Aviv

More Attractions in Tel Aviv
Do you want to be a part of the wonderful Olympic Experience? Now you do not have... The Olympic Experience

Attractions in Jerusalem

More Attractions in Jerusalem
The wine is poured into the clear wine glass and fills the room with a delicate aroma.... Nevo Winery
If you are looking for a tour that combines magnificent panoramic views of Jerusalem... Segwayz

Attractions in Haifa

More Attractions in Haifa
Imagine a placid and tranquil man-made lake and a small babbling river with an adjacent... Ma'ayan Zvi Fishing Park

Attractions in The Dead Sea

More Attractions in The Dead Sea
Now and then, during night hikes in the desert, when you gaze up at the vast clear... Uru Anna Telescope Tours

Attractions in Eilat

More Attractions in Eilat
On Eilat’s southern beach, opposite the Coral Reserve and its breathtaking diving... Divers Village
Sigala Shoham, who has dived thousands of times, founded her own diving school in... Sigala Diving School

Attractions in Sea of Galilee

More Attractions in Sea of Galilee
One of the ultimate places for family fun is the Golan Beach on the eastern shore... Golan Beach
The Luna Gal at the Golan Beach of the Sea of Galilee is one of the leading attractions... Luna Gal
If you want to go on a different kind of tour in nature, you are welcome to try a... Beynot Tmarim Ecologycar

Attractions in The Golan Heights

More Attractions in The Golan Heights
Chocoholics will love visiting the De Carina Visitors’ Center, located at Ein Zivan... De Carina
High up in the Golan Heights, where the air is clear and the landscape wild, for... Ortal Winery
Olive oil culture from the Sea of Galilee Olea Essence Visitors Center Qatzrin

Attractions in The Galilee

More Attractions in The Galilee
Along the cliff of a green mountain range, overlooking the Hula Valley, the Golan... Ya'ar and Golan ATVs
This well established site offers kayaking and rafting experiences on the greenest... Kfar Blum Kayaks
Top Rope - Kfar Blum’s Kayaking Adventure Park offers in addition to kayaking also... Top Rope - Kfar Blum Kayaks

Attractions in The Western Galilee

More Attractions in The Western Galilee
Silvia Izkovich's wonderful world of glass in Kfar Vradim is characterized by a magnificent... Glass Art by Silvia
In the Druze village Beit Jann, in the heart of the charming Mount Meron Nature Reserve... Dr. Dabour laboratories - the secrets of the Galilean plants
When was the last time that you visited an authentic Ethiopian house, tasted Injera... Mavrhatey – an authentic Ethiopian house

Attractions in Nazareth

More Attractions in Nazareth
This big park is a wonderful attraction for families, couples, groups and especially... Yamit 2000 - Water Park

Attractions in Caesarea & Netanya

More Attractions in Caesarea & Netanya
If you are looking for a unique and different experience, one which will take you... Dvir Paragliding- Experiential Buckeye Paragliding Flights
Imagine yourselves gliding through air, like birds, between heaven and earth, the... Dvir Paragliding- Experiential Paragliding Flights

Attractions in The Judean Lowland

More Attractions in The Judean Lowland
At moshav Givat Yeshayahu, which is in the Ella Valley, not far from Beit Shemesh... The Hans Sternbach Vineyard
At the place where the air is like good wine, in front of the magnificent views of... Al Derech Burma (On the Burma Road)
You are sitting on a yacht, the sun washes over the deck pleasantly and the air is... Matzav HaRuach

Attractions in Beit She'an & the Valleys

More Attractions in Beit She'an & the Valleys
See the country from a bird’s eye view at the break of dawn, see landscapes you’ve... Rize – Hot Air Balloons
The “Jeep BaKfar” company, located in the town of Kfar Baruch in the Jezreel Valley... Jeep BaKfar (Jeep in the Village)
The Asi River, which flows at the foot of Mount Gilboa and is part of the Nir David... Asi

Attractions in The Negev

More Attractions in The Negev
A flight in a hot air balloon above the country is an unforgettable experience for... Over-Israel – Hot Air Balloons
The Negev Camel Ranch was established in 1986 in the Eastern-Negev, along the northern... The Negev Camel Ranch
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