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Carmel Forest Spa Resort Hotel Haifa
5-Star Hotels
The Carmel Forest Spa Resort Hotel is situated in the heart of the green landscape of the Carmel Forests Nature Reserve and in front of the wonderful blue of the Mediterranean...
Beit Oren Hotel Kibbutz Beit Oren
3-Star Hotels
In the heart of the Carmel Forest, you will enjoy an attractive vacation spot that boasts a calming, rustic atmosphere with an unchanging magical green landscape.
Theodor Hotel Haifa
3-Star Hotels
Theodor Hotel rises to the height of 23 floors at the old Hadar neighborhood in the heart of the city of Haifa.
Colony Hotel Haifa
Boutique Hotels
A boutique hotel found in the German colony in Haifa, the German colony is located in proximity to one of the most famous and beautiful sites, having over half million visitors...
Hotel Beit Maimon Zichron Ya'akov
Boutique Hotels
Hotel Beit Maimon is a cozy, family oriented boutique hotel with a rustic flair.
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