Israel List of Destinations

Destinations in Israel Worth Visiting, from the North to the South of Israel
Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
The Western Galilee
Caesarea & Netanya
The Judean Lowland
Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Tel Aviv Israel

The city of Tel Aviv, which spreads along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in the center of Israel, is the largest in the country, its business center and its uncontested culture and entertainment capital. Tel Aviv offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere, active night life, wonderful beaches, an abundance of museums and galleries, culinary richness and bustling cultural life which have given it the title "The City That Never Sleeps” and made it into one of the hotspots and most recommended targets on the world’s tourism map. A visit to Tel Aviv combines sportive or relaxed time at the beach, leisure time at neighborhood cafés or prestigious chef restaurants, museums’ tour and at the same time walking tours in historical sites such as the "White City” which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a tour of the picturesque alleys of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, which was the first neighborhood outside the walls of Jaffa, bicycle ride on one of the numerous bicycle trails of the city and a romantic walk along the city’s beach promenade which connects to Old Jaffa.
Tel Aviv Most Popular Destinations
Beit Ha'ir (The City’s House)  ●  The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) History Museum  ●  “The White City”  ●  The Clock Tower  ●  Rabin Square (Kikar Rabin‎)  ●  The St. Peter's Church  ●  The Eretz Israel Museum  ●  The Diaspora Museum (“Beit Hatfutsot”)  ●  The Tel Aviv Museum of Art  ●  HaTahana (The Train Station Complex)  ●  Neve Tzedek  ●  Nachlat Binyamin Market  ●  The Port of Tel Aviv  ●  The Flea Market  ●  Tel Afek (Afek mound‎)  ●  The Bat-Yam Street Theater Festival  ●  Reading Park  ●  Metsitsim Beach (the old Sheraton Beach)  ●  The Tel-Aviv Marina  ●  London Square  ●  Drums’ Beach  ●  The Charles Clore Garden  ●  The Etzel Museum - 1948  ●  The Jaffa Port  ●  The Tel Aviv Promenade (Tayelet)  ●  The Jaffa Sea Wall Promenade  ●  Jaffa Slope Park  ●  Palmahim Beach  ●  The Egged Museum of Historic Vehicles  ●  The Trumpeldor Cemetery  ●  Levinsky Market  ●  The Children's Museum in Holon  ●  The Moshava Park in Rishon LeZion  ●  Ganei Yehoshua (Joshua Gardens)  ●  Afeka Caves  ●  The Ramat Gan National Park  ●  Tel Gerisa (Napoleon's Hill)  ●  Tel Aviv's Botanic Gardens  ●  The Givatayim Observatory  ●  The Holon Design Museum  ●  The Israeli Museum of Caricature and Comics in Holon  ●  The Hiriya Recycling Park  ●  The Diamond Museum  ●  The Museum of Man and the Environment in Petah Tikva  ●  The Petah Tikva Zoo (Gan Hai)  ●  The Haskalah (enlightenment) Avenue park  ●  The “Sheva Tahanot” (Seven Mills) Site  ●  The Carmel market  ●  Holon's Story Gardens  ●  The Rishon Le-Zion Museum  ●  The Ben-Gurion House  ●  Dizengoff House  ●  The Hagana Museum named after Eliyahu Golomb  ●  The Palmach Museum  ●  The Etzel Museum  ●  The Lehi Museum named after Avraham Yair Stern  ●  White Night in Tel Aviv  ●  The Bezalel Market  ●  The Farmers’ Market in Tel Aviv  ●  The Glilot Valley  ●  The Igudan Visitors Center  ●  Warehouse 2 at the Jaffa Port  ●  The "Nalaga’at" (“Please Touch”) Center  ●  Rosenthalis House  ●  The American Colony  ●  Immanuel Church  ●  Beit Immanuel (Immanuel House)  ●  Hotel Jerusalem  ●  The Maine Friendship House  ●  The Ecological water pool in Rabin Square  ●  Dizengoff Street  ●  Rothschild Boulevard  ●  Sheinkin Street  ●  Allenby Street  ●  Florentin Neighborhood  ●  The Performing Arts Center (The Opera House)  ●  Yefet Street, Jaffa  ●  Kikar Kdumim (Kdumim Square), Jaffa  ●  The House of Simon the Tanner  ●  The Artists’ Quarter in Jaffa  ●  Old Jaffa’s Visitors Center  ●  The Hassan Bek Mosque  ●  The Andromeda Rock  ●  St. George Church (Aios Georgeous), Jaffa  ●  The kishla at the Clock Tower Square  ●  Jaffa Museum of Antiquities  ●  Kerem HaTeimanim (The Yemenites Vineyard)  ●  Dizengoff Center, Tel Aviv  ●  Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv  ●  HaBima Complex, Tel Aviv  ●  King George Street, Tel Aviv  ●  Bograshov Street, Tel Aviv  ●  Atarim Square, Tel Aviv  ●  The Opera Tower, Tel Aviv  ●  The Cinematheque, Tel Aviv  ●  The Azrieli Center, Tel Aviv  ●  The Sarona complex, Tel Aviv  ●  Gan HaAtsma'ut (Independence Garden), Tel Aviv  ●  Kikar HaMedina (The State Square), Tel Aviv  ●  Begin Park  ●  Gan Meir (Meir Garden)  ●  Ben Gurion Boulevard, Tel Aviv  ●  Milano Square, Tel Aviv  ●  The Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art  ●  Hof HaTzuk (The Cliff Beach)  ●  Tel Baruch Beach  ●  Nordau Beach  ●  Hilton Beach  ●  Gordon Beach  ●  Frishman Beach  ●  Bograshov Beach  ●  Jerusalem Beach  ●  Charles Clore Beach  ●  Giv’at HaAliyah Beach  ●  The Petah Tikva Museum of Art  ●  The Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center  ●  The “Floating Orange Tree” Statue  ●  The "Jonah and the Whale" Sculpture  ●  The First Arab-Hebrew Theater of Jaffa  ●  The sculpture “Beyond Limits” at the Tel Aviv Promenade  ●  The Zaritsky Artists House  ●  The Rubin Museum  ●  Rokach House  ●  The Geological Museum in Ramat HaSharon  ●  The Museum of Israeli Art in Ramat Gan  ●  The Babylonian Jewry Museum  ●  The Israeli Center for Digital Art  ●  The Herzliya Museum of Art  ●  The Jabotinsky Museum  ●  The Hosmasa Museum  ●  The Museum of Far Eastern Art  ●  The Maccabi Sports Museum  ●  The Mikve Israel Visitor Center  ●  Bialik House  ●  The Museum of Russian Art in Ramat-Gan  ●  Rosh HaAyin Forest  ●  A B See Do (A-Ba-Ga-Da) at Beit Hatfutsot (Diaspora House)  ●  Tel-Ofan  ●  Tel Aviv’s Tourists Bus  ●  The Edith Wolfson Park  ●  Holon’s Youth Park (the Pillbox)  ●  The Bat Yam Promenade  ●  The Cacti Garden in Holon  ●  The Japanese Garden in Holon  ●  The Icon Festival for Science Fiction and Fantasy  ●  The Rosh HaAyin Festival of Mediterranean Music  ●  The Childhood Sounds Festival  ●  Man and the Living World Museum, Ramat Gan  ●  Golda Center  ●  Hertzlilenblum Museum  ●  The “Discover Tel Aviv” Center at the Shalom Mayer Tower  ●  Gan HaPisga (the Summit Garden)  ●  Ben-Zion David - Museum of Yemenite Culture and Gallery for handcrafted jewelry  ●  Adina Plastelina  ●  The Ramat Gan Safari  ●  Beit David Museum  ●  Beit Mani (Mani House)  ●  The Ariel Sharon Park (formerly the Ayalon Park)  ●  Shvil HaRishonim (the Founders Trail) in Rishon LeZion  ●  The Great Synagogue in Rishon LeZion  ●  The Port Market  ●  The Yedioth Ahronoth (an Israeli daily newspaper) Visitor Center in Rishon LeZion  ●  The "Mahuti" Visitor Center  ●  The “Nesher” Visitor Center  ●  The Israel Post Visitor Center  ●  HaChava (the Farm)  ●  Dialogue in the Dark  ●  The Israel Puppet Center in Holon  ●  HaNofarim Pond  ●  Sources of the Yarkon National Park  ●  Yarkon National Park Overnight Campground  ●  The Superland  ●  Luna Park Tel Aviv  ●  Zapari  ●  Houses from Within  ●  Yamit Water Park  ●  Nachshonit Park  ●  The Mosaic House  ●  Migdal Afek  ●  Gan HaHashmal  ●  The Maronite church  ●  Bird watching site  ●  "Tabitha" tomb

Jerusalem Israel

A strong spiritual, mystic and captivating atmosphere, an abundance of fascinating historical and archeological sites, a great colorful variety of ethnic groups and communities, a richness of scents and flavors, impressive structures, numerous vivid stories and a wonderful cool weather await one in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Jerusalem, the city that is sacred to the three major religions, has always been a pilgrimage site and it continues to attract tourists from all around the world who come to enjoy its holiness, its charm and its great beauty. Alongside the spiritual and historical experience and the Old City tours, visitors can also enjoy Jerusalem’s rich cultural life which includes world renowned important museums, new entertainment complexes which have been renewed recently and include an abundance of cafés, restaurants and trendy bars with a special atmosphere, as well as the numerous fairs and festivals which take place in the city of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Most Popular Destinations
Augusta Victoria  ●  The Jerusalem Great Synagogue  ●  Giv'at HaRadar (Radar Hill)  ●  Ammunition Hill  ●  Church of Gethsemane  ●  Church of the Dormition  ●  The Western Wall  ●  The Knesset (the Parliament of the State of Israel)  ●  Mount Herzl  ●  Herodium (Herodion) National Park  ●  Yad Vashem  ●  Dome of the Rock  ●  The Church of Mary Magdalene - The Onions Church  ●  The Church of the Holy Sepulcher  ●  The Museum for Islamic Art  ●  The Israel Museum  ●  The Tower of David Museum  ●  Mahane Yehuda Market  ●  The Western Wall Tunnels  ●  The Monastery of the Cross  ●  The Cave of the Patriarchs  ●  Mishkenot Sha’ananim  ●  Nabi Samuel  ●  The Notre Dam Monastery  ●  Sataf  ●  Ein Hemed  ●  Ein Kerem  ●  The City of David  ●  The Jerusalem Festival of Light  ●  The Israel Festival  ●  Rachel's Tomb  ●  Hutzot Hayotzer Arts and Crafts Festival  ●  Abu Gosh  ●  The Benedictine Monastery in Abu Gosh  ●  Church of our Lady of the Arc of Covenant in Abu Gosh  ●  Emmaus Nicopolis Monastery  ●  Deir Rafat Monastery  ●  The Jerusalem Bird Observatory and Research Center  ●  Tel Tzova (Tzova Mound)  ●  Einot Telem Nature Reserve  ●  Ein Limon (Lemon spring)  ●  Ein Sajma  ●  The Castel National Park  ●  The Biblical Garden in Yad HaShmona  ●  Ein Motza  ●  Har haRuakh (The Mountain of the Wind)  ●  Nahal Katlav (Strawberry Tree Stream)  ●  Nahal HaMe’ara (the cave stream)  ●  Har Hatayasim (the Pilots' Mountain) Reserve  ●  HaMasrek (the comb) Nature Reserve  ●  Nahal Halilim (Flutes Stream)  ●  Audio-visual presentation  ●  The Museum of Underground Prisoners in Jerusalem  ●  The Lions' Gate (Sha'ar HaArayot)  ●  The Flowers’ Gate (Sha'ar HaPrahim)  ●  The Damascus Gate (Sha'ar Shkhem)  ●  The New Gate (HaSha'ar HeHadash)  ●  The Jaffa Gate (Sha'ar Yafo)  ●  The Zion Gate (Sha'ar Zion)  ●  The Dung Gate (Sha'ar HaAshpot)  ●  The Time Elevator  ●  The Biblical Zoo  ●  The Supreme Court of the State of Israel  ●  The Chagall stained glass windows at the Hadassah University Medical Center Synagogue  ●  The Russian Compound  ●  The Jerusalem YMCA  ●  The Hebrew University Campus on Mount Scopus  ●  The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens at the Giv’at Ram Campus of the Hebrew University  ●  The Jewish Quarter  ●  The Safra Square  ●  The Walls Promenade  ●  Hutzot HaYotzer  ●  The Herzl Museum  ●  The Old City’s Market  ●  The Mount of Olives  ●  Mount Zion  ●  The German Colony in Jerusalem  ●  The Haas Promenade in Jerusalem  ●  The Bloomfield Science Museum  ●  The Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem  ●  Me’ah She’arim Neighborhood  ●  The Ein Kerem Neighborhood  ●  The Talbiya Neighborhood  ●  The Menachem Begin Heritage Center Museum in Jerusalem  ●  Museum on the Seam  ●  Teddy Stadium  ●  The Ein Yael "Hands-on" Museum  ●  The Ethiopian Church  ●  The Chords Bridge in Jerusalem  ●  The Italian Hospital in Jerusalem  ●  The Jerusalem Cinematheque  ●  Nachlaot  ●  St. Andrew's Scottish Church in Jerusalem  ●  Nahalat Shiv'a  ●  Yemin Moshe  ●  Rehavia Neighborhood  ●  The Mamilla Muslim Cemetery  ●  The Mamilla Mall  ●  The Cardo in Jerusalem  ●  Malha Mall  ●  The Hurva Synagogue in Jerusalem  ●  The Convent of the Sisters of the Order of St. Charles Borromeo  ●  The Papal institute for Biblical and Archeological Studies  ●  St. Claire's Convent on Hebron Road  ●  King David Hotel  ●  St. Vincent de Paul  ●  The Beit Zayit Reservoir  ●  The Davidson Center  ●  The Armenian Museum  ●  The Yemin Moshe Windmill  ●  The Katros House – the Burnt House  ●  The Jerusalem Artists House  ●  The Rabbi Kook House  ●  Siebenberg House  ●  The S. Y. Agnon House  ●  The Theater Archives and Museum  ●  The Nature Museum in Jerusalem  ●  The Franciscan Museum in Jerusalem  ●  Moshe Castel Museum of Art  ●  Wohl Archeology Museum  ●  The Old Yishuv Court Museum  ●  Heichal Shlomo (Solomon's Temple)  ●  The Rockefeller Museum  ●  Chamber of the Holocaust  ●  The Golden Gate (Sha'ar HaRachamim or the Gate of Mercy)  ●  Armon HaNatziv Promenade  ●  Lucki Observation Point  ●  Aminadav Forest  ●  Bar Giora  ●  Einot Uzi (Uzi Springs)  ●  Ein Tamar  ●  Neve Ilan  ●  New Jersey Park  ●  The Mar Maron Guest House  ●  Emek Tzurim National Park  ●  Mei Niftoach Nature Reserve (Lifta)  ●  Mata Forest  ●  The Eitan Mountain Trail  ●  Ein Ashkaf (Ashkaf Spring)  ●  Line 99 - Touring Jerusalem  ●  The “Mifletzet” (Monster) Park  ●  Ya'ar HaKdoshim (The Forest of the Martyrs)  ●  Hurbat Sa’adim (Sa'adim Ruin)  ●  The Wohl Rose Park  ●  The Jerusalem Trail (Shvil Yerushalaim)  ●  Sacher Park  ●  The Open Museum at Givat Ram  ●  Aish HaTorah Center  ●  The Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival  ●  King David's Tomb  ●  The Batei Mahse (sheltered housing) Square  ●  The Church of St. John in the Mountains  ●  Mary's Spring  ●  The Church of the Visitation  ●  The Sisters of Our Lady of Zion Convent  ●  Gorny Monastery  ●  The Via Dolorosa  ●  The Al-Aqsa Mosque  ●  The Temple Mount  ●  The Jerusalem Light Rail  ●  The Austrian Hospice / Guest House in the Old City  ●  The Dominus Flevit Church (meaning "The Lord Wept")  ●  The Church of the Pater Noster (Our Father)  ●  The Church of Saint Peter in Gallicantu  ●  The Church of the Redeemer, the Old City  ●  The Kidron Valley Tombs  ●  The Tomb of the Prophet Samuel  ●  The Farmers and Artists Market in the German Colony  ●  Jerusalem Park  ●  HaArazim Valley Park  ●  Refaim Valley Park  ●  Tzofim Valley Park  ●  Motza Valley Park  ●  The Cave of the Betrayal / The Cave of the Apostles  ●  Bar Giora Overnight Campground  ●  Mount Karmila Overnight Campground  ●  Houses from Within  ●  Monastery of St. John in the Wilderness

Haifa Israel

Haifa is a modern port city which offers sunny bathing beaches, holy sites and varied tour trails. Haifa, situated on the slopes of Mont Carmel and the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, overlooks the wonderful views of the Haifa Bay and dips into a rich Mediterranean grove. This northern metropolis prides itself on the only subway in Israel which connects between the lower and the upper city. As the world center of the Baha’i religion, Haifa continuously hosts many Baha’i believers from all around the world. The magnificent hanging gardens of the Baha’i Center have been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and they serve as an attraction for tourists from all around the world. The Carmel is a mountain range which features wild cliffs, charming forests and green fresh vegetation that has earned it its title: the mountain that is green all through the year. The Carmel area was already settled in prehistoric times and in the caves that are found on its slopes one can even find remains of prehistoric settlement. The area is mentioned in many cases in the Bible as being magnificent. The whole are is full of opportunities for tours, attractions, hotels and zimmers.

Haifa Most Popular Destinations
Binyamina  ●  Daliyat al-Karmel  ●  Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  The Stella Maris Church  ●  Shuni Fortress  ●  The Muhraka Monastery  ●  Nahal Me’arot (Caves Stream) Nature Reserve  ●  Ussefiya (or Isfiya)  ●  Ein Hod  ●  The Sculpture Garden  ●  The German Colony  ●  Madatech  ●  The International Film Festival  ●  The Neve Yam Beach  ●  The Carmel Park  ●  Hecht Park  ●  Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve  ●  Me'arat Etsba ("Finger Cave")  ●  The First Aliyah Museum in Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  Mei Kedem (Ancient Waters)  ●  Gan HaNadiv (Garden of the Benefactor)  ●  Nahal Siakh (Bush Stream)  ●  The Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel  ●  Step Routes in Haifa  ●  The Janco Dada Museum  ●  Elijah's Cave  ●  Nesher (eagle) park  ●  Bat Shlomo  ●  The Alona Forest Reserve  ●  Gan Ha’em (Mother's garden)  ●  Louis Promenade  ●  The Bahai Gardens  ●  The Clandestine Immigration and Naval Museum  ●  Talpiot Market  ●  The Templers Cemetery in Haifa  ●  The British Military Cemetery  ●  The Kababir Mosque  ●  The National Maritime Museum  ●  The Hecht Museum  ●  The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art  ●  Maqam Abu Ibrahim  ●  Maqam Abu Abdullah  ●  Hurshat HaArba'im (the Grove of the Forty)  ●  The ancient mosaic in Ussefiya  ●  The Ussefiya Military and Civilian Cemetery  ●  Derech HaDorot ("The Road of the Millennia")  ●  Yad LaBanim in Daliat El-Carmel  ●  HaTzuk Observation Point  ●  The Haganah Hill  ●  David Isen Observation Point  ●  Keren HaCarmel Forest and the Cyclamens Trail  ●  The Yagur Stream  ●  The Daliyat al-Carmel Market  ●  The Lange Estate  ●  HaMeyasdim Street in Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  Benjamin (Binyamin) Pool  ●  Ohel Ya'akov Synagogue, Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  HaNadiv Street in Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  Rothschild Garden  ●  The Colony’s Cemetery  ●  “Yad LaMeyasdim” (The Founders’ Memorial) in Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  The Hill of Zamarin  ●  The Aaronsohn House, Zikhron Ya'akov  ●  The Hannah Szenes House Museum, Kibbutz Sdot Yam  ●  Chagall Artists House, Haifa  ●  The Haifa City Museum  ●  The Shtekelis Prehistory Museum, Haifa  ●  Mane-Katz Museum, Haifa  ●  The Israel Railway Museum  ●  The Castra Art and Shopping Center  ●  Beit HaGefen Art Gallery  ●  The Haifa Museum of Art  ●  The Alon Stream in the Carmel  ●  Hek Stream  ●  Mount Shokef  ●  The Keller House  ●  The Kaiser Monument  ●  Beit Rutenberg (The Rutenberg House)  ●  Beit Hecht (Hecht House) in Haifa  ●  Kiryat Haim Beach  ●  HaHof HaShaket (The Quiet Beach)  ●  Bat Galim Beach  ●  HaCarmel Beach  ●  Dado Beach  ●  Kati'a Stream  ●  Hurbat Karta (Karta Ruin) Nature Reserve  ●  Shluchat Ayala  ●  Mount Horshan  ●  Kelah Stream  ●  Eshkol Observation Point  ●  Tel Shikmona National Park  ●  The sea coast Nature Reserve of Shikmona  ●  The Ron Trails  ●  Ofer Forest  ●  Haifa’s Tourists Bus  ●  The Carmelit in Haifa  ●  Haifa’s Cable Car  ●  “Derech Nof Carmel” (The Carmel Scenic Route)  ●  The Technion's Ecological Garden  ●  Khayat Orchard  ●  The Holiday of Holidays  ●  The Plants of Prey Farm  ●  Mishmar HaCarmel Farm Overnight Campground, near Beit Oren  ●  The Israeli Personal Computer Museum  ●  Ma’agan Michael

The Dead Sea Israel

The Dead Sea is an especially salty lake which is situated at the edge of the Judean Desert, between Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea’s western shore is under Israeli control and its eastern shore belongs to Jordan. The special atmosphere and peacefulness of the Dead Sea, the wild untouched views, the distance and quiet and above all the healing properties of the water and air of this lowest place on earth have made the Dead Sea a leading tourist attraction which attracts tourists from Israel and from all around the world all through the year. This special area offers its visitors unique health centers, beautiful nature reserves, fascinating historical and archeological sites such as the Qumran Caves and Masada, as well as challenging treks and such that are suitable for the whole family, among the breathtaking canyons and cliffs, flowing springs, cool water pools and gushing waterfalls.
The Dead Sea Most Popular Destinations
Mar Saba Monastery  ●  The Good Samaritan  ●  The St. George Monastery  ●  Qumran National Park  ●  Masada  ●  Nahal Arugot (Flowerbeds Stream)  ●  Tze'elim Stream (Nahal Tze'elim)  ●  Ein Bokek  ●  Ein Prat  ●  Einot Tsukim  ●  Qasr al-Yahud  ●  Nabi Musa  ●  Deir Hajla  ●  Nahal Og (Og Stream)  ●  The Tamar (Date Fruit) Festival  ●  Mount Sodom (Har Sdom)  ●  The Masada Museum in Masada National Park  ●  Nahal David (David Stream)  ●  Ein Mabu'a  ●  The Botanical Garden at Ein Gedi  ●  Euthymius Monastery  ●  The Monastery of Martyrius  ●  Mineral Beach  ●  Nahal Salvadora (Salvadora Stream)  ●  The Marlstones of Masada  ●  The Moab Lookout  ●  The Ein Gedi Antiquities National Park  ●  The new Kalia Beach  ●  The Biankini Beach at the Siesta Beach  ●  Neve Midbar (Oasis) Beach  ●  Ein Bokek Beach  ●  Ein Gedi Beach  ●  Bokek Stream  ●  Tmarim Stream  ●  Hever Stream  ●  Neve Midbar Beach Overnight Campground, near Kalya  ●  Ein Bokek Overnight Campground  ●  Masada West Overnight Campground  ●  Ein Gedi Beach Overnight Campground  ●  HaChance HaAharon Overnight Campground  ●  Metsad Tamar Overnight Campground  ●  Petza'el Springs  ●  Chariton Cave

Eilat Israel

Eilat, the most southern city in Israel, is famous for its beautiful and peaceful Red Sea beaches, its charming desert views, its diving sites which offer colorful coral reefs, its abundance of restaurants, entertainment areas and hotels, and, of course, its warm and dry weather which attracts tourists from Israel and from all around the world all through the year. The hot vacation city of Eilat is situated on the shores of the Red Sea and offers a cool leisurely dip in its water and varied sea sports activities, as well as marine attractions such as the underwater observatory and swimming with dolphins. During the warm evenings, visitors flood Eilat’s famous promenade, which stretches along the hotels area, and enjoy Eilat’s bustling night life which include an impressive culinary abundance and various and numerous bars and clubs.

Eilat Most Popular Destinations
The Red Sea Jazz Festival  ●  Bird Watching Park  ●  The Dolphin Reef  ●  The Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat  ●  Coral Beach Nature Reserve  ●  Boombamela Festival  ●  The Peace Promenade  ●  Kings City  ●  Eilat’s salt pools  ●  Tsfachot Mountain  ●  The Religious Beach  ●  Hof HaShchafim (Seagulls Beach)  ●  The Dan Hotel Beach  ●  Hof HaZahav (Golden Beach)  ●  The Royal Beach Hotel Beach  ●  The Hilton Queen of Sheba Hotel Beach  ●  The Moriah Hotel Beach  ●  Nikki's Beach  ●  Sea Complex  ●  Dekel (Palm) Beach  ●  The Dolphin Reef Beach  ●  The Village Beach  ●  Club Med Hotel Beach  ●  The Princess Hotel Beach  ●  The Botanical Garden in Eilat  ●  Netafim Stream

Sea of Galilee Israel

The area of the Sea of Galilee and Tiberias is one of the leading touristic destinations in Israel. On the shores of this lake are found tens of declared bathing beaches which offer abundant water activities and around it are many zimmers and touristic attractions. Beside the numerous tourists which come to the Sea of Galilee because of its beaches and views, this place also attracts many Christian tourists who believe that Jesus walked on the water of the Sea of Galilee. These tourists come here in great numbers and visit the many churches and sacred sites which are found here. The city of Tiberias, which is situated on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, offers an abundance of religious and historical sites, such as the tombs of Jewish Saints and impressive archeological sites. Tiberias also offers special touristic sites such as the health baths of Hamei Tveria which served as such already in ancient times and the Tiberias promenade which serves as the city’s main touristic area, along which are found cafés and restaurants, stands and various marine attractions.

Sea of Galilee Most Popular Destinations
The Arbel Cliff  ●  The Church of the Mount of Beatitudes  ●  Gabriel House  ●  The Yigal Alon Center  ●  The Archaeological Park  ●  Hamat Tiberias (Hamat Tveria)  ●  Yardenit  ●  Capernaum  ●  The Sea of Galilee Water Level Measure  ●  Kursi National Park  ●  The Majrase Nature Reserve  ●  Hamat Gader  ●  Park HaYarden (the Jordan Park)  ●  Korazim National Park  ●  The "Casa Dona Gracia" Museum  ●  The Yigal Alon Promenade in Tiberias  ●  The Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes  ●  The Switzerland Forest  ●  Mitzpe Hod (Hod observation point)  ●  Ophir Observation Point  ●  Shmurat HaYarden (the Jordan Nature Reserve)  ●  Ein Kadesh and Ein Poriya  ●  Beit Gordon (Gordon House) in kibbutz Degania Alef  ●  HaRishonim (Founders) Museum in the Kibbutz of Dgania A (Alef)  ●  Beit HaOganim (The House of Anchors) Museum at Kibbutz Ein Gev  ●  Mount Bernike  ●  The Kinneret Cemetery  ●  The Kinneret Courtyard  ●  The Ein Gev Promenade  ●  Domus Galilaeae  ●  The Tomb of Rabbi Hiyya  ●  Bethsaida (Beit Tsida)  ●  Ein Mashpa (Mashpa Spring)  ●  The Motor House  ●  The trail around the Sea of Galilee (Shvil Sovev Kinneret)  ●  The Kinneret Museum at the Moshava Kinneret  ●  Haruv (Carob) Observation Point  ●  Hurbat Minim  ●  Berniki Beach  ●  Gofra Beach  ●  Duga Beach  ●  Ha'On Beach  ●  Hukuk Beach  ●  Kinar Beach  ●  Lavnun – Halukim – Kursi Beach  ●  Susita Beach  ●  Rotem Sheizaf Beach  ●  Amnon Bay  ●  Hof HaHorsha (The Grove Beach)  ●  Tzemach Beach  ●  "Around the Sea of Galilee" Bus Line  ●  HaBsora (the Gospel) Promenade  ●  Kfar Nahum (Capernaum) National Park  ●  The Church of the Twelve Apostles in Capernaum (Kfar Nahum)  ●  The Church of St. Peter's House in Capernaum (Kfar Nahum)  ●  The Scots Hotel Visitors' Center  ●  The Tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal HaNes  ●  Gofra Beach Overnight Campground  ●  Amnon Beach Overnight Campground  ●  Duga Beach Overnight Campground  ●  Sussita Beach Overnight Campground  ●  Tamar Beach Overnight Campground  ●  Halukim Beach Overnight Campground

The Golan Heights Israel

The Golan Heights is a flat high region which rises to the height of 900 meters and is located in the north of Israel between the Yarmouk River to the south and Mount Hermon to the north and to the east of the Sea of Galilee and the Hula Valley. The Golan Heights’ wild nature, unique geological phenomena, grazing areas, natural pools, wonderful waterfalls, cool streams and historical and archeological sites make it an attractive touristic destination and its trails a wonderful experience. During the winter many Israelis come to the snow covered Mount Hermon in order to ski or just taste an atmosphere of abroad. But the Golan is an excellent tourist attraction all year round. The area offers numerous zimmers which provide magnificent views and a charming and unique atmosphere.

The Golan Heights Most Popular Destinations
Breichat HaMeshushim (the Hexagons Pool)  ●  Galgal Refa’im  ●  Gamla  ●  Mount Bental  ●  Mount Hermon  ●  Ein Taufik  ●  The Yehudiya Forest Nature Reserve  ●  Ya'ar Odem (Odem Forest)  ●  The Nimrod Fortress  ●  Einot Salukia (Salukia wellspring)  ●  The Sa’ar Stream  ●  Mitzpe Gadot (Gadot Observation Point)  ●  Nahal El Al (El Al Stream)  ●  Nahal Zvitan (Zavitan Stream)  ●  Nahal Orvim (Raven Stream)  ●  Ein a-Tina  ●  Emek HaBakha (The Valley of Tears)  ●  Katzrin  ●  Rehav’am Arcs  ●  The Bajoriya Winter Pool  ●  Orha Pool (Jukhdar)  ●  Berekhat Ram (Ram Pool or Lake Ram‎)  ●  The Wind Turbines Farm on Mount Bnei Rasan  ●  Mitzpe Golani (Tel Faher)  ●  Tel Saki (Saki Mound)  ●  The Golan Trail  ●  The Vulcanic Park  ●  Mount Hermonit  ●  Ait (hawk) waterfall  ●  The Nov Swamp Iris Nature Reserve  ●  Hazur Stream  ●  The Tomb of Nabi Hazuri (Sheikh Ottoman el-Hazuri)  ●  Deer Forest (Ya’ar HaAyalim)  ●  Ein Fit (Fit Spring)  ●  Oz 77 in Kibbutz Elrom  ●  Arik Bridge  ●  Mitzpe HaShalom (Peace Observation Point)  ●  The Golan Iris water pool  ●  The Jilabun Stream  ●  The Golan Archeological Museum  ●  The Ancient Katzrin Park  ●  Ein Davsha  ●  Bethsaida Observation Point  ●  Sussita  ●  Dardara Park  ●  Majdal Shams  ●  Ein Heshek  ●  Ein Maimon (Maimon Spring)  ●  The Golan Olive Oil Mill  ●  Beresheet Visitors' Center  ●  Golan Magic Visitor Center  ●  “Kol Shofar” – Visitor Center  ●  Kanaf Spring  ●  The Botmia Reservoir  ●  Ya'ar Ha'ayalim (Deer Wood) Overnight Campground, Odem  ●  The Yehudiya Nature Reserve Overnight Campground  ●  Afik Quarry  ●  Nabi Elia  ●  The Sna'aim Temple  ●  אנדרטת אגוז

The Galilee Israel

The green mountainous landscape, springs, streams, rich nature reserves and the magnificent ancient history of the area make northern Israel’s Galilee region one of Israel’s favorite and best travelled areas. Here are found Jewish sites such as Safed, which is one of the four most sacred cities in Israel, and the tombs of Jewish Saints to which many come to receive a blessing and healing. The Christian tourists come here to visit those sites that are greatly important in Christian tradition such as Nazareth and the Jordan River. The Galilee offers an abundance of various levels trails, a great variety of tourist attractions, a diverse population, agricultural tourism which opens a window to an interesting agricultural world, many zimmers in a rural atmosphere, and, of course, the scented Galilee air and the unique Galilee atmosphere.

The Galilee Most Popular Destinations
The “Sliks” (Arms Caches) Site  ●  The Bar'am synagogue  ●  The Karmiel Dance Festival  ●  Metula  ●  The Klezmer Festival  ●  Safed (Tzfat)  ●  Rosh Pina  ●  The Hula Nature Reserve  ●  Nahal Ayun (Ayun Stream)  ●  Tel Hai (Hill of Life)  ●  Tel Hazor (‎Hatzor Mound)  ●  Tal Grove  ●  The Church of Saint Joseph  ●  The Church of Mary's Fear  ●  Mensa Christi Church  ●  The Banias Nature Reserve  ●  Tel Dan (Dan Mound)  ●  Eger Mountain (Har Eger)  ●  Birya forest  ●  The Jewish Quarter of Safed (Tzfat)  ●  The Artists’ Colony  ●  The ancient cemetery of Safed (Tzfat)  ●  The Fortress Garden in Safed (Tzfat)  ●  The Hula Lake  ●  HaTanur Waterfall  ●  The Pa'ar Cave  ●  The Prehistoric Man Museum in the kibbutz of Ma'ayan Baruch  ●  The Jordan River Promenade (Ami Trail)  ●  Mount Meron  ●  The Nahal Snir Nature Reserve  ●  The Sculptures Mountain in Tel Hai  ●  The Circassian Museum in Rehaniya  ●  Beit Ussishkin (Ussishkin House)  ●  Ein Alva  ●  The Bar’am Forest  ●  The Peony Trail  ●  Mivdad Netofa (Lavra Netofa)  ●  Kfar Tavor Village Museum  ●  The Museum of Photography in the Industrial Park of Tel-Hai  ●  The Beit HaShomer (Watchman House) Museum in Kfar Giladi  ●  The Tomb of Yonatan Ben-Uziel in Amuka  ●  The Grave of Honi HaMe'agel (Honi the Circle-Drawer)  ●  The burial place of Rabbi Shimon ben Yohai at Meron  ●  Nabi Shu'ayb  ●  Tsalmon Stream (Nahal Tsalmon)  ●  Nahal Amud (Pillar Stream) Nature Reserve  ●  The Dishon Stream  ●  Nahal Rosh Pina (Rosh Pina Stream)  ●  Nahal Hilazon (Snail Stream)  ●  Koach - Nabi Yusha fortress  ●  Hurbat Yarda (Yarda Ruins)  ●  The Nazareth Iris Nature Reserve  ●  Beit Keshet Forest  ●  John Deere Land  ●  The Baron Garden in Rosh Pina  ●  The Old Cemetery in Rosh Pina  ●  Jerusalem Bells in Rosh Pina  ●  Alter Schwartz Hotel  ●  The Administration Buildings in Rosh Pina  ●  The Old Synagogue in Rosh Pina  ●  Nimrod Lookout in Rosh Pina  ●  Beit Danny (Danny House) in Rosh Pina  ●  The Cinematheque in Rosh Pina  ●  The Ascent Center  ●  Beit HaMeiri (HaMeiri House)  ●  The Doll Museum  ●  The Frenkel Frenel Museum  ●  The Memorial Museum of Hungarian Speaking Jewry  ●  Otzar HaStam  ●  The International Klezmer Festival  ●  The Saraya building in Safed  ●  The Ashkenazi HaAri Synagogue  ●  The Moshe Ziffer Sculpture Garden  ●  Shlomo Ben Yosef Cave, Rosh Pina  ●  The Tarshiha Market  ●  The Alma Cave  ●  Mitzpe Menahem (Menahem Observation Point)  ●  Biriya Spring  ●  The Canada Center  ●  The Manara Cliff  ●  Beit HaIkar (the Farmer's House) Museum, Metula  ●  The Dado Observation Point in Metula  ●  The Vanishing River Park in Kibbutz HaGoshrim  ●  The Kiryat Shmona History Museum  ●  Habakkuk's Tomb  ●  The Hanging Trail  ●  Keren Naftali  ●  Beit Vilkomitz (Vilkomitz House)  ●  Yosef Friedman House (The “Effendi”)  ●  The Tel Hai Courtyard  ●  “The Roaring Lion” Monument  ●  The Monument to the Twelve Fallen Soldiers of the Safari  ●  The Metula Synagogue  ●  The Rishonim (HaRishonim) Street in Metula  ●  The Spring Park (Park HaMa’ayan) in Metula  ●  Aker Ruin  ●  Yiftah Crevices (Nekikei Yiftah) Nature Reserve  ●  Elsaraya Gallery  ●  Yesod HaMa'ala  ●  The Bar David Museum for Jewish Art and Judaica  ●  The Dobrovin Farm  ●  Peki'in  ●  Naftali Scenic Route  ●  Tel Yodfat  ●  The Monkey Forest in Yodfat  ●  Sha’al Stream  ●  Ein Havakuk (Habakkuk Spring)  ●  Kadita  ●  Mount Yavnit  ●  Karnei Hittin (Horns of Hattin) National Park  ●  The Tel Kedesh National Park  ●  Biriya Fortress  ●  Segev Forest  ●  Aboab Synagogue  ●  Ein Sarona (Sarona Spring)  ●  Lavie Forest  ●  Khenyon HaElot (The Atlantic Pistachio Trees Park)  ●  Mount Shekhanya scenic promenade  ●  Churchill Forest  ●  Mount Kamon  ●  Tir'an Forest  ●  Mount Eger  ●  Rimon Winery  ●  Yiron's “Living Lake”  ●  Park HaZahav (Golden Park) in Kiryat Shmona  ●  Hurvat Shema (Shema ruin)  ●  The Zinati House and the Old Synagogue in Peki'in  ●  The Alonei Bar'am Forest Nature Reserve  ●  The Circassian Museum in Kfar Kama  ●  Ramim Cliff  ●  The Yedioth Ahronoth (an Israeli daily newspaper) Visitor Center at the Bar-Lev Park  ●  The Sindyanna of Galilee Visitor Center  ●  The Ben-Zvi Hut  ●  Hurshat Tal Overnight Campground  ●  HaMa'ayan (the spring) Overnight Campground, near Ma'ayan Baruch  ●  Yarok (Green) Overnight Campground, Beit Hillel  ●  Nahal Amud Overnight Campground, north of Kfar Shamai  ●  Misgav Stream Nature Reserve  ●  Dagei Dafna Overnight Campground  ●  Meron Overnight Campground  ●  Zooharakim  ●  Ikul Meron Overnight Campground  ●  Ein Zeitim Overnight Campground, Biriya Forest  ●  Ort Braude quarry in Carmiel  ●  Quarries Park in Carmiel  ●  Mitlol Tsurim Quarry

The Western Galilee Israel

The Western Galilee, which spreads between Rosh HaNikra to the north and the Kishon Stream, the Carmel and Beit Netofa Valley to the south, is an area which attracts many tourists because of its impressive views created by its coastline which is full of bays, its green mountains and the streams which pass in it. The Western Galilee is home for a variety of communities and religions, ethnic groups and cultures, and it offers an abundance of unique scents and flavors. Visitors to the Western Galilee can enjoy a leisurely walk in the alleys of Old Acre or go north into the impressive grottos of Rosh HaNikra and enjoy the beautiful coastline and impressive nature between Achziv and Betzet and more.

The Western Galilee Most Popular Destinations
Ein Afek Nature Reserve  ●  Achziv  ●  The Yehiam Fortress  ●  Nahariya  ●  Acre  ●  Acco’s (Acre) Israeli Fringe Theater Festival  ●  Rosh HaNikra  ●  The Bahai Gardens in Acre  ●  Khan el-Basha  ●  The Knights’ Halls  ●  The Treasures in the Wall Museum  ●  The Templar Tunnel  ●  Jezzar Pasha Mosque  ●  The Catholic Church in Iqrit  ●  The Tunisian Synagogue in Acre (Akko)  ●  Gush Halav and the ancient synagogue  ●  Khan al-Umdan  ●  Montfort Lake  ●  Me'arat Keshet (Keshet Cave, or cave of the arch)  ●  Montfort Fortress  ●  Shvil Norman (Norman's Trail)  ●  The Rock Park in Kisra-Sumei  ●  The Sculpture Garden in Kibbutz Eilon  ●  The Tefen Industrial Park  ●  Sarakh Stream (Fern Stream)  ●  Nahal Betzet (Betzet stream)  ●  The Sea Mosque in Acre (Akko)  ●  The Museum for the Jewish Resistance Prisoners in Acre  ●  Hamam al-Basha  ●  The Sea Wall Promenade  ●  The Old City of Acre Market  ●  The Goren Park  ●  The Okashi Art Museum  ●  Argaman Beach in Acre (Akko)  ●  Betzet Beach  ●  Namer (Tiger) Stream  ●  Namer (Tiger) Cave  ●  The Yehiam Convoy Memorial  ●  Adamit Park  ●  Ein Yif'am (Pulsating Spring)  ●  Hurbat Makhoz  ●  Hurbat Kheshek (Desire Ruin)  ●  Ein Yorkat (Yorkat Spring)  ●  Hurbat Dan'ila (Dan'ila Ruin)  ●  Hurbat Manot (Manot or Manueth Ruin)  ●  Nahariya’s Promenade  ●  Montfort Lookout at Goren Park  ●  The Tomb of Louis Marie de Caffarelli  ●  The old olive press in Mi'ilya  ●  Eagles Cliff (Tzuk HaNesharin) in Mi'ilya  ●  Banana Beach Overnight Campground, Akhziv Beach  ●  Yehiam Fortress Overnight Campground  ●  “Akhzivland” Overnight Campground  ●  Akhziv Beach National Park Overnight Campground  ●  Monfortwito Farm Overnight Campground  ●  Goren Park Overnight Campgrounds  ●  Acre Port

Nazareth Israel

Nazareth is a sacred city for Christians, as according to Christian belief it was here that the Archangel Gabriel announced to Mary of her conception through the Holy Spirit and it was here that Jesus lived through childhood and adolescence. Nazareth is located in the Lower Galilee, in the heart of a valley, and it includes Christian holy sites, rich history and fascinating archeology and everything is surrounded with the special enchanting atmosphere of the Middle East at its best. A visit to Nazareth, the largest Arab city in Israel, is a wonderful experience. Here you can visit Christian holy sites, the first of which is the famous Church of the Annunciation, walk in the Old City’s picturesque alleys, buy spices and sweets in the Old City’s market, experience the oriental cuisine in the restaurants, some of which are located inside historic buildings aimed for preservation and feel the Galilee charm at its best.

Nazareth Most Popular Destinations
The Ancient Bath House  ●  The Franciscan Monastery  ●  The White Mosque  ●  The Saraya  ●  Kikar HaMa'ayan (Spring Square)  ●  The Synagogue Church  ●  The Basilica of Jesus the Adolescent  ●  Moscovia  ●  The Carmelite Nuns Convent  ●  The Nazareth Market  ●  Nazareth Village  ●  The “El-Sibbat” House of Folklore Museum  ●  The Galilee Mill (El Babour)  ●  Musmar Pottery  ●  Shababik  ●  The Sisters of Nazareth Convent  ●  The International Mary of Nazareth Center  ●  The botanic garden in "Mikve Israel"  ●  Prison service's heritage house  ●  Abraham Krinitzi's House  ●  Yarkon springs site at "Rosh HaAain"

Caesarea & Netanya Israel

The Coastal Plain and the Sharon area offer natural landscapes of a light blue sea and beaches, magnificent limestone cliffs and nature reserves alongside populated and busy cities; and ancient cities and archeological sites alongside kibbutzes and rural communities. The Coastal Plain and the Sharon area are full of touristic coast cities but also offer views, trails and various tourist attractions. In the Coastal Plain and the Sharon area one can find, for example, the Hefer Valley which offers charming locations such as the Alexander Stream and the parks that are situated along it; the beautiful Dor HaBonim Nature Reserve; and of course the city of Caesarea, the antiquities, displays and culinary experience offered by which have made it an especially attractive destination for Israelis as well as for tourists, and more.

Caesarea & Netanya Most Popular Destinations
Apollonia National Park  ●  Nahal Alexander (Alexander Stream)  ●  Atlit  ●  Caesarea  ●  The Feinberg House  ●  The "K'han" Museum of Hadera  ●  Taninim Stream (Crocodiles Stream)  ●  Dor Habonim Beach  ●  Caesarea Aqueduct Beach  ●  Beit Yanai Beach  ●  The Sha'ar Poleg (Poleg Gate) Nature Reserve  ●  The Hadera Forest Pool  ●  The Winter Pond in Netanya  ●  The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center  ●  Poleg Stream in the Yakum Park  ●  The “Collection of Tractors” in Ein-Vered  ●  Hadera Stream Park  ●  The Hadera Forest  ●  Hof HaSharon (the Sharon Coast) National Park  ●  The Raanana Park  ●  Gador beach  ●  The Hephzibah Site  ●  The Horashim Forest  ●  The Kadima Forest  ●  Bnei Zion Nature Reserve  ●  Qaqun National Park  ●  Jewish Battalions Museum  ●  The Netanya Market  ●  Beit Terezin (Beit Theresienstadt)  ●  The Glass Factory Museum (HaMizgaga)  ●  The Caesarea Antiquities Museum  ●  Ralli Museum in Caesarea  ●  HaShomer HaTzair Museum - Yad Yaari  ●  The Ghetto Fighters' House named after Itzhak Katzenelson  ●  The Iris Reserve in Netanya  ●  Nitza Promenade  ●  The Shaked Promenade  ●  The Ma’apilim Promenade  ●  The Rishonim Promenade  ●  Netanya’s Sea Elevator  ●  The Cliff Promenade  ●  Poleg Beach  ●  Argaman Beach  ●  Sironit Beach A  ●  Sironit Beach B  ●  Tsanz Beach  ●  Herzl Beach  ●  The Seasons Beach (Hof HaOnot)  ●  Netanya’s ancient sycamore tree  ●  Rubin Stream National Park – The Sorek Stream Estuary  ●  Tom and Tomer Hill  ●  The Archeological Museum  ●  The International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, Wingate Institute  ●  The Keren Sahar Vintage Auto Museum  ●  Qedem Museum  ●  The Zur Natan National Park  ●  Sidna Ali Beach  ●  The Shomron National Park (Sebastia)  ●  The Netanya Tourists Bus  ●  Herzliya Park  ●  The Alonei Yitzhak Nature Reserve  ●  The Bitan Aharon Nature Reserve  ●  Eiron Forest  ●  The Orange Trail  ●  The Hadera Paper Visitor Center  ●  Giv'at HaKalaniyot (Anemone Hill) in Hod HaSharon  ●  HaBonim Beach Overnight Campground  ●  Netanya Forest (Sergeants Grove), Netanya  ●  Orot Rabin Visitor Center, Hadera  ●  Shefayim Water Park

The Judean Lowland Israel

The Judean Lowland, an intermediary area between the Judean Mountains and the Coastal Plain, is a fertile and rich area which offers a fascinating history and beautiful nature reserves, an abundance of restaurants and wineries, walking and bicycle trails, as well as very impressive monasteries, unique museums and thick forests which are wonderful for picnics or romantic walks. Under the surface of the Judean Lowland is hidden a wondrous world of fascinating caves which served in the past for seclusion or hiding and today they serve as fascinating tourist attractions.

The Judean Lowland Most Popular Destinations
Beit Guvrin National Park  ●  Beit Jamal  ●  The Pool of Arches (Brechat HaKshatot)  ●  The Tzor’ah Forest  ●  The Weizmann Institute of Science  ●  The Monastery of Silence ("Minzar HaShatkanim")  ●  The Stalactites Cave (Me’arat HaNetifim)  ●  Britannia Park  ●  Ashkelon National Park  ●  Nitsanim Beach  ●  Zikim Beach  ●  Luzit caves  ●  Me'arat HaTeomim (The Twins Cave)  ●  Hurbat Madras (Madras Ruins)  ●  Hurbat Atari (Atari Ruins)  ●  Roberts Winter Pool in Nitzanim  ●  The Beit Miriam Museum  ●  The Ashkelon Marina  ●  Ashdod’s great sand dune  ●  The Hulda Forest  ●  Yad LaShiryon- The Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum at Latrun  ●  The Haruvit Forest  ●  The Ayalon Institute Museum  ●  Neot Kedumim Nature Reserve  ●  Tel Lachish (Lachish Mound)  ●  Beit Hadvash VeHadvorah (The House of the Honey and the Bee) in Kibbutz Yad Mordechai  ●  The Gvar'am Nature Reserve  ●  Hurbat Sokho (Sokho Ruins)  ●  The Ashdod's Korin Maman Museum  ●  The Church of Saint George in Lod  ●  Nitsanim Dunes Nature Reserve  ●  Ben Shemen Forest  ●  The Ayalon-Canada Park  ●  The "Burma Road"  ●  Nahal Kisalon (Kisalon Stream)  ●  Tel Tatspit (Observation Point Mound) National Park  ●  The Ness Ziona Hills  ●  The Zikim Sand Dunes Nature Reserve  ●  The Adullam Grove Nature Reserve  ●  Tel Gezer (Gezer Mound)  ●  The Tombs of the Maccabees  ●  Tel Hadid (Hadid Mound)  ●  Hurvat Burgin (Burgin Ruin)  ●  The Ramla Market  ●  Ashdod Port Visitor Center  ●  The Lakhish Park  ●  Neve Shalom  ●  Mazkeret Batya  ●  Bnei Atarot (Wilhelma)  ●  The Minkov Citrus Orchard Museum  ●  Dondikov House  ●  The Museum of the History of Gedera and the Biluim  ●  The White Tower in Ramla  ●  The Terra Santa Convent  ●  Al-Omari Mosque  ●  Kibbutz Yad-Mordehai Museum - "From Holocaust to Revival"  ●  The Yoav Fortress and Givati Museum  ●  Hamei Yoav  ●  The Open Museum in Kibbutz Negba  ●  The Archaeological Park in the Afridar Center  ●  The Barne’a Site  ●  The Carlsberg Visitor Center  ●  The Ashkelon Khan and Museum  ●  The Ashdod Museum of Art - Monart Center  ●  The Ashdod-Yam Citadel  ●  American Independence Park  ●  Massuah Forest  ●  Tel Goded (Goded Mound)  ●  Tel Azekah (Azekah Mound)  ●  Mount Tnufa Lookout  ●  The Clore Garden of Science  ●  The Museum of Jewish Heritage  ●  The Eran Shamir Village Museum  ●  The Ramla Museum  ●  The Mazor Mausoleum (Maqam en Neby Yahyah‎)  ●  The Ekron Museum of the History of Philistine Culture  ●  Hill 69  ●  Dvira Forest  ●  Mini Israel  ●  Ya’ar HaMeginim (The Defenders' Forest)  ●  Ya'ar HaMal’achim (The Angels’ Forest)  ●  The “Ad Halom” Trails  ●  Ya’ar HaNasi (the President’s Forest)  ●  The Yitzhak Rabin Park  ●  The Adoraim Dam  ●  The Ashdod Promenade  ●  King Hassan II Promenade in Kiryat Gat  ●  The Sanhedrin Park in Yavne  ●  The Muses in Sukkoth Festival  ●  The Green Festival  ●  The Wine Festival in Ashdod  ●  The Science Festival  ●  Hasmonean Village  ●  The Tnuva Visitor Center in Rehovot  ●  Srigim Overnight Campground, Britannia Park  ●  Hulda Reservoir  ●  Tel Azeka Overnight Campground  ●  Ashkeluna Water Park  ●  The Chaim Weizmann House

Beit She'an & the Valleys Israel

The valleys area offer vast and sunny rural and agricultural landscapes, tens of hosting sites in Moshavs and Kibbutzes, and an abundance of springs, green fields, fascinating archeology and deep roots which go all the way to Biblical times. The valleys area spreads from the Jordan Valley in the south-east and until the coastal area of Acre in the north-west and it includes the Jezreel Valley, Harod Valley and Beit She’an Valley. The combination of national antiquities parks, museums, restaurants which offer rich local cuisine, lakes, spa resorts, challenging sports activities, walking, bicycle and off road vehicle trails, offers a great variety of tourist attractions.

Beit She'an & the Valleys Most Popular Destinations
Mount Tabor (Har Tavor)  ●  Tzipori (Sepphoris) National Park  ●  Nahal Shofet (Judge Stream)  ●  Beit She'arim  ●  Gan HaShlosha National Park, Sahne  ●  Beit Alpha National Park  ●  Beit She'an National Park  ●  Mayan Harod (Harod Spring) National Park  ●  Kohav HaYarden (the Star of Jordan)  ●  Tel Yizre'el (Jezreel Mound)  ●  Tel Megiddo (Megiddo Mound)  ●  Mount Precipice  ●  The Church of the Annunciation  ●  The Church of St. Gabriel  ●  The Island of Peace - Naharayim Park  ●  The International Bird Watching Center of the Jordan Valley  ●  The “She’an Nights” Multi Media Experience  ●  Avner observation point  ●  The Gilboa Scenic Road  ●  Ein Jezreel  ●  Mount Gilboa  ●  HaMa’ayanot (The Springs) Park  ●  The Beit Sturman (Sturman House) Museum  ●  Katef Shaul (Saul 's Shoulder)  ●  Givat HaMoreh (Moreh Hill) Scenic Route  ●  The Japanese Garden in the kibbutz of Hephzibah  ●  Alonei Abba Nature Reserve  ●  Kohav HaYarden (the Star of Jordan) National Park  ●  The Museum of Art (Mishkan LeOmanut) Ein Harod named after Chaim Atar  ●  The "Valley Train” Station in Kfar-Yehoshua  ●  The Joara Museum  ●  “Between the Bridges” Park  ●  Nahal Tzippori (Tzippori Stream)  ●  Nahal Tavor (Tavor Stream)  ●  The Monument in memory of Alexander Zaid  ●  Nahal haShofet (the Judge's Stream)  ●  Kfar Tavor (Tavor Village)  ●  The Church of the Transfiguration  ●  The Naharayim Experience and the Old Gesher Yard  ●  The Nahalal Slik  ●  Nahalal  ●  The Wilfrid Israel Museum  ●  The Golani Brigade Memorial Museum  ●  The Thomas Lemay Art Gallery  ●  Bethlehem of Galilee  ●  The Evangelical Church in Alonei Abba  ●  The Archaeological Museum at Kibbutz Ein Dor  ●  The Museum of Pioneer Settlement in the Valley  ●  The Tower and Stockade Museum  ●  The Cyclamens Hill in the Ramot Menashe Park  ●  Museum of Regional and Mediterranean Archaeology  ●  A House and a Story - the Visitors Center in Bethlehem of Galilee  ●  The Great Courtyard Museum of Merhavia  ●  Balfour Forest  ●  The Kibbutzim Pool (Brechat HaKibbutzim)  ●  The Valleys Park (Park HaAmakim)  ●  The Cross Jezreel Valley Trail (Khotzeh Emek Yizre'el)  ●  Nazareth  ●  The Marzipan Museum  ●  Balfouria Nature Reserve  ●  Megido Landing Pad  ●  Shimron National Park  ●  Cyclamens Hill in Kibbutz Sarid  ●  Amot Tzippori (Tzippori Aqueducts)  ●  The Tomb of Rabbi Judah the Prince (Yehudah HaNasi) in Tzippori  ●  Giv’at HaMoreh (Moreh Hill)  ●  The Tnuva Visitor Center in Alon Tavor  ●  The Hebrew Policemen and Guards Museum  ●  Barvazim BaKfar (Ducks in the Village)  ●  The Elite Visitor Center  ●  The “Mekorot Eshkol” Visitor Center  ●  Beit Netofa Valley  ●  Dvora Overnight Campground, Mount Dvora  ●  Ganey Huga  ●  The renewed quarry at Hephzibah  ●  Ein Shekhar Overnight Campground, the Valleys

The Negev Israel

The Negev region offers vast ancient landscapes, colored sands and springs which flow in an open area, rich fauna and even colorful blossoms during the spring. The Negev, which is situated in the south of Israel, is an arid desert area which offers enchanting magnificent landscapes and colors. The Negev region includes beautiful mountains and canyons and it is also famous for its magnificent craters, which are a fascinating and rare phenomenon worldwide. To these were added in recent years tens of hosting places, attractions, a special local culinary scene and challenging trails.

The Negev Most Popular Destinations
The Red Canyon  ●  Nahal Gishron (Small Bridge Stream)  ●  Sapir Park  ●  Timna Park  ●  Barak Stream  ●  Khan Be'erot  ●  Alpaca Farm  ●  The Israeli Air Force Museum  ●  Mamshit  ●  Mitzpe Ramon  ●  Nahal HaBesor (The Besor Stream)  ●  Ein Avdat  ●  Yeruham Lake  ●  Ben-Gurion's Tomb  ●  Shivta  ●  Be'eri Crater  ●  The Pura Nature Reserve  ●  The Cochin Jewish Heritage Museum  ●  The Joe Alon Center  ●  Ma'aleh Akrabim (Scorpions Ascent)  ●  Ein Saharonim  ●  The Ammonite Wall  ●  HaMinsara (The Sawmill)  ●  Ovdat (Avdat)  ●  Ben-Gurion’s hut  ●  Ganey Hadas (Hadas Gardens)  ●  Abraham's Well  ●  The Monument to the Negev Brigade  ●  Mikdash HaNemerim (The Tigers Temple)  ●  The Art Center – Neot Semadar  ●  The Hai-Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve  ●  Ein Evrona  ●  Faran Observation Point  ●  The Peace Road  ●  Amram Pillars  ●  Shkhoret Canyon  ●  Zorba the Buddha Festival  ●  The Sounds of the Desert Park  ●  The Shezaf Nature Reserve  ●  Gerar Stream Park  ●  Tel Be'er Sheva National Park  ●  The Glass Art Museum  ●  Lotan Center for Creative Ecology  ●  The Antelope Ranch  ●  Arad’s artists’ quarter  ●  Lahav Forest  ●  The Yatir Forest  ●  The Baba Sali Tomb  ●  Drijat  ●  The Yeruham Iris Nature Reserve  ●  “The Lost City”  ●  “Derech HaPsalim” (The Sculpture Path) in Kibbutz Hatzerim  ●  The Yair Research and Development Station  ●  The Bedouin market in Be'er Sheva  ●  Black Arrow Memorial  ●  The Colorful Sands Site at HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)  ●  The Omer Industrial Park  ●  Nahal Tamar (Tamar Stream)  ●  Nahal Peres (Peres Stream)  ●  Nahal Akrabim (Scorpions Stream)  ●  Nahal Lavan (White Stream)  ●  The Eshkol National Park  ●  Tel Arad (Arad Mound‎) National Park  ●  HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)  ●  Ofakim Park  ●  Mitzpe Gvulot (Gvulot Observation Point)  ●  Mount Ramon (Har Ramon) Observation Point  ●  Kibbutz Lotan  ●  Ada Canyon  ●  Paran Stream  ●  Havarim Stream  ●  Mount Zin Nature Reserve  ●  Karkash Stream  ●  Mamshit Stream  ●  The Small Crater  ●  Hatzeva Stronghold  ●  Pratsim Stream  ●  Hatira Stream  ●  Arandal Farm  ●  Mitzpe HaShalom (Peace Lookout)  ●  The Nitzana National Park  ●  The Negev Museum of Art  ●  Azuz Grove (Be’erotayim Grove)  ●  Re’im Park  ●  The Wastelands of Evrona and the Doum Palms  ●  Golda Park  ●  Dudaim Forest  ●  The Boker Ridge Autumn Crocus Nature Reserve  ●  Hatzatz Stream  ●  The Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Visitor Center  ●  The Ramat Hovav Visitor Center  ●  Shokeda Forest  ●  Tzin Stream  ●  Be'erot Overnight Campground, Makhtesh Ramon  ●  Khan Be'erotayim (campground), Mitzpe Azuz  ●  Borot Lutz Overnight Campground, road number 171  ●  Hai Negev Overnight Campground, Revivim  ●  Colorful Sands Overnight Campground, HaMakhtesh HaGadol (The Big Crater)  ●  Silent Arrow Desert Lodge, near Mitzpe Ramon  ●  Mishor Yamin Overnight Campground  ●  Hai-Bar Yotvata Overnight Campground, near Yotvata  ●  Ein Akev Overnight Campground, Mount Negev  ●  Sapir Park Overnight Campground  ●  Ras HaShita Overnight Campground, north of Hatzeva  ●  Mount Ardon Overnight Campground  ●  Be’er Milka Overnight Campground  ●  Antelope Farm Overnight Campground  ●  Be’er Milhan Overnight Campground  ●  Be’erot Ada Overnight Campground, near Ada Canyon  ●  Eshkol National Park Overnight Campground  ●  Mount Karkom Overnight Campground  ●  HaRo'a Overnight Campground  ●  Hod Akev Overnight Campground  ●  Givat Yoheved Overnight Campground  ●  Borot Lutz  ●  Moa Overnight Campground  ●  Hatsats Stream Overnight Campground  ●  Nekarot Stream Overnight Campground  ●  Oded Stream Overnight Campground  ●  Timna Park Overnight Campground  ●  Rehem Stream Overnight Campground  ●  Sha’ar Tsnifim Overnight Campground  ●  Mitzpe Ramon Quarries
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