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A tour of heritage sites from the days of the early Zionist settlement in Israel, among others in Tel Hai Courtyard which has become a symbol of the struggle of the few against the many, the Jewish settlement’s “sliks” (hidden weapons caches) site from the time of the British Mandate in Israel, and more.
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In Israel, even those who are not specialists in pre-State’s history know Joseph Trumpeldor, the man and the myth. But even those who know well Trumpeldor’s work and vision will be surprised when exposed to this journey in time which a visit to the Tel Hai Courtyard takes one on. In 1920, when this area was under French control, Arab gangs constantly attacked Jewish settlements in the area. Under the command of Trumpeldor, Jewish volunteers arrived from the center of the country to help. Under various strange pretexts, Arab forces entered into Tel Hai and a fierce shooting battle ensued, in which Trumpeldor was mortally wounded. Before he died, Trumpeldor told his doctor his famous words: "It is good to die for our country”. The Tel Hai Courtyard has quickly become a symbol. You will find here a variety of exhibits and items, among which are Trumpeldor’s room, the dining room, a furnished living room, a memorial room for the fallen of that difficult battle and more. In the pastoral courtyard are exhibited agricultural tools from that time and in a nearby hall a film about the history of this place is screened. The Tel Hai Courtyard is situated near the Tel Hai College.
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In 1920, eight of the defenders of the Tel Hai Courtyard were killed in the famous difficult battle which has become a symbol. In their memory, in 1934 a statue in the shape of a lion was erected in the cemetery which is situated between Tel Hai and Kfar Giladi. The sculptor who made it was Avraham Melnikov, who got the rock for the statue in a nearby quarry. The idea for the creation of the statue arose in Melnikov a decade before, but financial difficulties delayed its creation. Incidentally, it is interesting to know that before Melnikov got conformation to start his work, suggestions by other artists were examined as well. The creation of the statue itself took about five years and Melnikov received the help of other artist stonemasons, graduates of the Bezalel School in Jerusalem. On the fa?ade of this large monument are etched the mythical words uttered by the commander of this famous battle, Joseph Trumpeldor, just before he died: "It is good to die for our country”, and next to it are the names of the fallen. The image of the lion turning its head upwards, in a great roar, has become one of the most well-known monuments in Israel.

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The kibbutz of Kfar Gil’adi (Gil’adi Village) was founded in 1916 by the members of HaShomer Organization (The Watchmen, a Jewish defense organization active between 1909-1920, the purpose of which was to guard the Jewish settlements in this country). The members of HaShomer (The Watchmen) Organization built about twenty underground "sliks” (arms caches), impressive in their sophistication, of which survived to this day three which were kept and maintained until the 1970s. In 1996 these "sliks” were revealed, and today they serve as a fascinating and unique touristic site, which tells the story of the Jewish settlement in the Galilee panhandle region of this country and of the transference of the ma’apilim (immigrants who came into this country secretly by boats during the time of the British Mandate) on starless nights. A tour of the "sliks” is like a journey in time in which one watches the history of this country, especially a visit to the main "slik” where one can see the machine guns, rifles and pistols, all arranged in order, oiled and maintained to this day.


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This museum is mostly dedicated to the secret Bar-Giora group and to the "HaShomer" organization- pioneers from the "Second Aliya” (the second major immigration wave of Jews into the country which took place between 1904 and 1914, mainly due to the mounting anti-Semitism and pogroms in Russia) who acted in order to free the Land of Israel from its foreign occupation. Certificates, letters, maps, photographs, geographical sketches and various models describe the development of the organization and its history since the beginning of the 20th century. The museum, which was founded in 1968, offers an impressive display of rifles and pistols from different periods, soldiers’ clothing items, models of settlements such as Mes'ha, Sejera and Tel Hai, and even the organization’s authentic flag. Also here one can find a memorial room, an audio-visual display, works by the sculptress Batia Lichansky, and a roof observation point toward the Hula Valley and the surrounding villages. A visit to the "slicks” (places in which weapons were hidden during the British mandate period) nearby the museum can be pre-arranged.
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The Galilee Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Hike
Tour Duration: About- 5 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 5 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy

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