Attractions in the Beit She’an Valley Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas

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A pleasant tour in the green area of the Beit She’an Valley, one of the beautiful natural gems of Israel, which includes observation points, history and archeology. Those who will make arrangements in advance will also be able to have an enjoyable experience at the Peace Island beyond the Israel-Jordan border.
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It is always intriguing to find new places and for many the Avner observation point, in the Kibbutz of Ashdot Yaakov, on the eastern border of the Jordan Valley, does a good job in fulfilling this purpose. This observation point, named after Avner Alter, who died in the Helicopters Disaster of 1997, when two helicopters collided on their way to an army operation, is simple, practical and straight forward. It gives the stage to the view itself. It reveals a landscape which is unfamiliar to most travelers: the broad part of the Yarmuk River and the Gilad mountains, which look surprisingly close (especially on clear days but not only). A short trail passes through a young grove of trees that are native to Israel, and leads to a picnic area with tables which were built by a local artist, a member of the Ashdot Yaakov Kibbutz. These tables are made out of different parts of machines which were put together in order to create them. The observation point is located at a distance of one kilometer from the Kibbutz’s eastern gate.

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Between the Jordan River and the Yarmouk (Yarmukh) River is an island which received the name of "The Island of Peace”, but as it is located between two rivers it is also known as Naharayim (two rivers). It is under Jordanian sovereignty but Israeli ownership- some kind of a Jordanian autonomous region inside of Israel. Members of several kibbutzes in the area can come here freely for agricultural and touristic purposes. However, other visitors to The Island of Peace have to coordinate their visit, for a limited time, in a group and during the day only. There is no need for a passport or a visa in order to come here. In this place, where Pinhas Rutenberg built the Naharayim hydroelectric power station which supplied electricity to the north of Israel at the beginning of the 20th century, are offered guided tours which include lookouts and fascinating explanations. Nearby is a well-kept memorial site for the Massacre which took place here in 1997, when a Jordanian soldier opened fire at schoolgirls from the city of Beit Shemesh, killing seven of them and badly wounding others.
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In front of the Naharayim mythological Electric Company’s power station, which is located on the other side of the Jordan River and is today under Jordanian control, there is a structure where a surprising and magnificent audio-visual display is presented, which tells the story of the "electrifying” of the area which started in the 1920s under Pinchas Rotenberg, called " the Old Man from Naharayim". Here one can see a small scale - but very impressive - model of that original power station and a functioning system of dams, flowing water and a lot of pyrotechnics and sounds.  This structure is located at the site of Old Gesher. It is recommended to walk around the site and look over to the old bridges which cross the Jordan River, check out the old bunkers from the time of the Six Day War and more. Based on prearrangement one can book various activities, including a theatrical guided tour, a visit to the bridges behind Israel’s security fence and more.
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Due to its beauty, this special fortress located on Ramat Issachar (the Issachar Plateau) has a few names. Among these names are: Belvoir, Kohav HaRuhot (the Star of the Winds) and more. These are names that rightfully stimulate the imagination. This site includes archeological remains from numerous periods, but the main attraction here is the magnificent Crusader Fortress which is considered to be the most complete and preserved in Israel. This fortress, which was built in 1140 out of basalt stones, is located on the edge of a slope and rises to the height of 312 meters above sea level. From here one can sea to all sides the Beit She’an Valley and the Jordan Valley. Additionally, in this site are a sculpture garden and an adjacent eagle feeding station. From the fortress there is also a nice, short and circular trail which passes between orchards. This National Park is located to the south of the kibbutz of Gesher. Arrival through road number 90.
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Beit She'an & the Valleys Tour Routes and Entertainment Ideas
Best Season: Spring
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 6 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Drive
Tour Duration: About- 5 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy

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