Ahuzat Morena Nof Kinneret


Ahuzat Morena Nof Kinneret
Ahuzat Morena Villas

Under clear blue sky, in front of a magnificent view of mountains and forested slopes, you breathe in clean air and dip your feet in the water of the glistening pool. This is not a dream, but a luxurious vacation at Ahuzat Morena in Nof Kinneret – a beautiful neighborhood located between the pastoral Rosh Pina and Safed. The eight prestigious and tastefully decorated suites at Ahuzat Morena promise relaxation and wonderful sleep on a large and comfortable bed, with a Jacuzzi and windows that overlook the breathtaking view. Four of the suites are aimed at romantic couples and the other four for families with children who want to enjoy a fun vacation filled with amusement and attractions. The entire complex includes 11 bedrooms. The family suites at Ahuzat Morena include two spacious bedrooms, a comfortable dining area and a luxurious living room with delicate French style elegant sofas and soft and inviting carpets.
At Ahuzat Morena there is a Jacuzzi on the roof of the villa that overlooks the vast sky and view. The well-equipped kitchen is suitable for preparing meals for a large number of diners and it is very practical. The guests can have their meals in the large dining area and then get comfortable in the prestigious living room. In the big swimming pool downstairs the guests can enjoy a dip and a swim or go into the bubbling Jacuzzi that is set into the floor next to the pool. They can also stretch with pleasure on the tanning beds that are found next to the pool and enjoy the warm sun. At Ahuzat Morena you will also find a large indoor spa with a current pool and a sauna. You can also enjoy a Billiard game on the professional table and excellent meals in the covered patio. Ahuzat Morena is excellent for family or friends’ gatherings, or for professional conferences that combine work with pleasure.


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Address: Nof Kinneret
Ahuzat Morena Phone: +(972) 52-5481576
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Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Hike
Tour Duration: About- 5 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
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Tour Duration: About- 5 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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