Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate) Rosh Pina

Luxury Zimmers

Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate) Rosh Pina
Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate) Luxury Zimmers
In a beautiful reconstructed stone building reminiscent of European structures, in old Rosh Pina, is located the prestigious Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate). The green landscape which surrounds the Kisadorna Estate and the colorful flowering vegetation remind one of charming country houses in Tuscany. The four luxurious suites at Kisadorna Estate are well-equipped and tastefully decorated. At the Eden, Noa, Yaheli and Talia suites you will find a pampering huge bed, parquet floor which gives them a warm and intimate feel, pure white curtains, a large television screen and a bubbling Jacuzzi in which one can have an enjoyable dip. Each of the suites is designed uniquely with attention to every detail and features a pleasant romantic lighting. The spacious presidential suite includes stylish furnishing, a bar with chairs, a charming chandelier and an elevated gallery area. The exclusive suite’s sitting area reminds one of a royal French room with delicate touches of gold.

At the elegant complex of the Kisadorna Estate there is prestigious garden furniture and hammocks in which one can cuddle, watch the gorgeous Golan and Galilee views or sit on the comfortable chairs. Around the complex there are well kept lawns and ornamental trees. In the evenings the whole Kisadorna Estate complex is beautifully lit. The perfect experience- sip from a glass of wine, breathe clean air and enjoy the peace and quiet. One can also have a day or night dip in the covered warm and bubbly Jacuzzi that is in the courtyard. At the Kisadorna Estate you can indulge yourselves in a fish spa, a new manicure technique which was brought here from the United States and provides a pleasant and enjoyable experience. One can order in advance rich and pampering meals. The Kisadorna Estate is located near the charming cafés of Rosh Pina, the reconstruction site and the colorful galleries, and one can also go from here on walks in the charming area.
Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate) Services & Facilities in the B&B
 ●  Air-conditioned   ●   TV with cable TV / satellite   ●   Jacuzzi   ●   Wireless Internet   ●   Equipped kitchenette   ●   DVD   ●   Barbecue   ●   Coffee Corner   ●  
Address: 9 HaKhalutzim St. ,Rosh Pina
Ahuzat Kisadorna (Kisadorna Estate) Phone: +(972) 52-8837737
Fax: +(972) 4-6971334
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