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Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) Moshav Safsufa

Luxury Zimmers

Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) Moshav Safsufa
Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) Luxury Zimmers

At moshav Safsufa in the Upper Galilee, in front of the green slopes of Mount Meron, are found the dreamy suites named Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) – exotic fragrances that served in ancient times in the perfuming of the royalty. And indeed, a gorgeous setting and delicate prestige characterize the well-equipped suites that face the charming views in the clear and clean Galilee air. At Mor VeLevonah there is a pleasant sitting area, a spacious and comfortable dining table, a large Television screen and a DVD. The comfortable beds are wrapped in classic sheets and the Jacuzzi in the room is lit romantically. In the suite will await you treats such as quality wine and fresh fruits of the season for the perfect vacation experience. The designed suites are suitable for an upgraded family vacation and for loving couples who are interested in an especially intimate vacation. For the religious guests there are also a kettle and a Sabbath stove available.

Upon coming out of the suite a surprise awaits the guests- a small spa structure with a huge Jacuzzi that is lit in light blue and next to which there is an elegant sitting area. Next to the spa there is a clear water pool in which one can dip on warm days. One can also lie or sit down around the pool and enjoy the warm sun and the tranquility which surrounds this place. At the Mor VeLevonah complex there are lawns, pleasant sitting areas and hammocks in which one can snuggle and swing and a convenient BBQ area. One can order rich country style breakfasts here as well. You can book the suites, the pool and the spa in addition to a huge, spacious and well-designed villa as lodging for up to 25 people. From the picturesque moshav Safsufa one can go on attractive walking and driving tours and you can ask your hosts to recommend to you one that will suit you.

Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) Services & Facilities in the B&B
 ●  Swimming pool   ●   Air-conditioned   ●   TV with cable TV / satellite   ●   Jacuzzi   ●   Wireless Internet   ●   Equipped kitchenette   ●   DVD   ●   Barbecue   ●   Coffee Corner   ●  
Address: Moshav Safsufa
Mor VeLevonah (Myrrh and Frankincense) Phone: +(972) 52-5554996   |   +(972) 50-6014322
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