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Romantic Zimmers

Nof LaNahal
Nof LaNahal Romantic Zimmers

The excellent bottle of wine that is waiting especially for you on the pure white bed sheets, the bubbling Jacuzzi which you wouldn't want to leave, the classic furniture in the elegant wood cabins, the adjacent courtyard that brings nature in, the photogenic hills seen from the balcony and the green nature that surrounds everything…
The location of Nof LaNahal (view to the stream) cabins is breathtaking – in front of the special view of the Dishon Stream. Here, at moshav Dishon, located in one of the more beautiful and untouched areas in the Upper Galilee, three spacious and well-equipped wood cabins were built: two of them are aimed at romantic couples and one serves as a family unit that includes a gallery floor which children will especially love to turn into their own private kingdom.
However, it is not only beautiful landscape and romantic indulgence that you will find at Nof LaNahal, but also an abundance of wonderful peace, quiet and tranquility – exactly the ingredients that will make your vacation perfect. You really won't need anything else. Authentic country style rich meals (kosher breakfast and/or dinner, must be booked in advance) or relaxing body treatments in the cabin – will complete the experience. Hot stone massage? Amazing body and mind treatments? Just ask. And if you already managed to pull yourselves out of the good things in life that are offered at Nof LaNahal, you will find nearby plenty of trails, fascinating nature reserves, exciting attractions (for couples and for families with children) and much more – from horses and jeep tours to bicycle trips, kayaking and recommended local restaurants.
There is no doubt - Nof LaNahal offers a winning formula of a wonderfully enjoyable and prestigious B&B with plenty of fun Galilean activities.

Nof LaNahal Services & Facilities in the B&B
 ●  Air-conditioned   ●   TV with cable TV / satellite   ●   Jacuzzi   ●   Kosher   ●   Equipped kitchenette   ●   Barbecue   ●   Coffee Corner   ●  
Address: Dishon
Nof LaNahal Phone: +(972) 57-3555166
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