Yam Shel Nof (sea of view) Peki'in HaHadasha

Family Zimmers

Yam Shel Nof (sea of view) Peki'in HaHadasha
Yam Shel Nof (sea of view) Family Zimmers
You gaze far toward the blue sea, while you deep in the pool water which is cool in the summer and heated in the winter. Welcome to "Yam Shel Nof” (sea of view), especially pampering vacation units in Peki'in HaHadasha (New Peki'in) which is in the Western Galilee.
Here you are offered a wonderful romantic vacation or an especially relaxed family vacation – with many surprising treats. At "Yam Shel Nof” you will discover that even the height of winter is suitable for an excellent Galilean holiday. You need only dip in the warm and caressing pool water while heavy rain falls on the clear ceiling above you. Next to the covered swimming pool there is a large bubbly jacuzzi which tempts you with a long enjoyable dip.
You will find here three vacation units: two wooden cabins and one prestigious suite. Each of the cabins is surrounded by an intimate lawn that features elegant vegetation and pebbles. In the evening the whole complex is beautifully lit which gives it an enchanted European look.
The interior design of the "Yam Shel Nof” vacation units continues the romantic feel – whether it is the artistic metal work in the bathroom or the classic leather sofas in the living room.
The complex includes wonderful BBQ and sitting areas and more. The "Yam” cabin includes a separate bedroom for the children, a large round jacuzzi, an equipped kitchen, a cable TV with an LCD screen, an advanced audio system and a living room area. The "Astar” cabin includes two floors – which provides great privacy. The first floor offers a large and spacious jacuzzi, an equipped kitchen, a dinning area, a living room, a home cinema system and additional treats – like at the "Yam” Cabin. In the upper floor there is a prestigious bathroom, an intimate sitting area and a balcony with a view which you will not want to leave.
The "Noa” suite is in fact a spacious and comfortable holiday apartment which will surprise you with a pool table and a huge rectangular jacuzzi, in addition to the treats which one can find in the cabins as well.
Rich breakfasts can be ordered in advance and delivered to your rooms. Enjoy excellent Galilean dishes in front of the view – a wonderful way to start the day on your vacation. The birds’ chirping outside completes this wonderful image.
"Yam Shel Nof” is also perfect for celebrating birthdays and of course wedding anniversaries and romantic marriage proposals.
Yam Shel Nof (sea of view) Services & Facilities in the B&B
Address: Peki'in HaHadasha
Yam Shel Nof (sea of view) Phone: +(972) 50-6857486
Fax: +(972) 4-9972093
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Best Season: All Seasons
Type of Tour: Independent
Tour Mode: Hike
Tour Duration: About- 6 Hours
Difficulty Level: Easy
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