Hazur Stream

Hazur Stream, named in Arabic "Hazuri”, winds along only 4 kilometers in the northern part of the Golan Heights. It starts its way near the Druze village of Majdal Shams, at the burial place of Nabi Hazuri (Sheikh Ottoman el-Hazuri), where there is also a memorial site for the fallen soldiers of the IDF’s Egoz Patrol, and ends at the Nimrod Fortress. The Hazur Stream is a tributary of the Govta Stream, which is one of the sources of the Banias Stream. The banks of the Hazur Stream are decorated by a fairly thick Mediterranean grove, which includes Oak, Terebinth, and other trees such as the Judas tree and the True Laurel. At the end of the winter and in the beginning of spring the water flows strongly here and creates several lovely cascades. At the end of the summer and in the fall there are minor flows here and there. The water is not for drinking. Along the route one can find the remains of a large gristmill and the way passes between and on top of rocks, as well as inside "tunnels” that were created by the forest, which provides shade over everything. In several places one needs to hold on to branches in order to jump over the rocky obstacles.
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