Gardens and Parks The Galilee

Tel Aviv
The Dead Sea
Sea of Galilee
The Golan Heights
The Galilee
The Western Galilee
Caesarea & Netanya
The Judean Lowland
Beit She'an & the Valleys
The Negev

Ein Sarona (Sarona Spring)

The Nazareth Iris Nature Reserve

Lavie Forest

The Bar’am Forest

Khenyon HaElot (The Atlantic Pistachio Trees Park)

Koach - Nabi Yusha fortress

Mount Eger

Churchill Forest

Mitlol Tsurim Quarry

Quarries Park in Carmiel

The Banias Nature Reserve

The Peony Trail

The Nahal Snir Nature Reserve

The Moshe Ziffer Sculpture Garden

Nahal Amud (Pillar Stream) Nature Reserve

Ort Braude quarry in Carmiel

The Monkey Forest in Yodfat

Mount Kamon

The Baron Garden in Rosh Pina

Segev Forest

Karnei Hittin (Horns of Hattin) National Park

The Hula Lake

The Hula Nature Reserve

Yiftah Crevices (Nekikei Yiftah) Nature Reserve

Birya forest

Misgav Stream Nature Reserve

Yiron's “Living Lake”

The Sculptures Mountain in Tel Hai

The Vanishing River Park in Kibbutz HaGoshrim

The Spring Park (Park HaMa’ayan) in Metula

Beit Keshet Forest

The Alonei Bar'am Forest Nature Reserve

The Fortress Garden in Safed (Tzfat)

Mount Shekhanya scenic promenade

Tal Grove

Tir'an Forest

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Gardens and Parks (36)
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Places of Entertainment (10)
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